Why study the Bachelor of Science (Health)?

24 February 2017
Interested in a corporate health career in policy making, public relations, health promotion or project management?
The Bachelor of Science (Health) provides you with a thorough foundation in Health Sciences and the flexibility to undertake a second major in a range of disciplines, including arts and social sciences, commerce or science.

Bachelor of Science (Health) at The University of Sydney

Design your degree

If you're interested in working in a corporate health role such as policy making, public relations, health promotion, or project management, you might choose to undertake a Bachelor of Science (Health) with a second major in Marketing, Management, or Psychology.

If your interests and strengths lie in the biological sciences, you might undertake a second major in Anatomy, Nutrition and Metabolism or Neuroscience where you could find roles as a lab assistant, research assistant, quality control officer, or laboratory consultant.

Bachelor of Science (Health) graduates can pursue roles as personal trainers, coaches, or strength and conditioning specialists by completing a second major in Human Movement.

Alternatively, if you are interested in language, you might choose a second major in Linguistics, Hearing and Speech, or a language that interests you. You will be able to pursue roles in international relations or health policy.

Whatever path you choose, your critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and research skills will be developed through interactive classes and "real-world" assessments.

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Advanced students can also enrol in the combined Bachelor of Science (Health) and Bachelor of Advanced Studies. In addition to the core skills and knowledge developed in the three year degree, you will have the opportunity to lead a research project while being mentored by key health researchers, to undertake multidisciplinary community placement experiences, or to work on multidisciplinary health projects to further enhance your health expertise and networks.

Enhance your degree with a two-year Masters

Graduates can choose to enhance their undergraduate degree with an additional two-year Masters degree. Bachelor of Science (Health) + Human Movement graduates are eligible to undertake a Masters in Exercise Physiology or Physiotherapy. Those who undertake a different second major may be eligible to do a Masters in Occupational Therapy, Diagnostic Radiography or Speech Pathology.

Healthcare is the most rapidly growing area of the Australian economy. This means more jobs for health graduates. In fact, nearly 200,000 new jobs are being created every year. A qualification in health can lead to employment in an industry expected to grow annually by 3% and offers graduates the chance to make a difference in people's lives.

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