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29 September 2017
Ever wondered what it’s like to study a health degree at uni?
Students from across our undergraduate health degrees give an insight into why they chose to study their degree, how university life is different to high school, and what a typical day as a uni student looks like.
Sunny Manon – Pharmacy and Management student

Sunny Manon, pharmacy and management

Sunny says she enjoys getting involved in activities outside of the classroom.

“I was surprised about how many opportunities there are to participate in outside of the classroom. I’m going on placement within a hospital pharmacy in Nepal for two weeks. Getting involved with the social events and weekly sport the faculty offers is also great fun!”

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Carlo Sudario – Nursing student

Carlo Sudario, nursing

Carlo says the variety of personalities you encounter at university is a big surprise.

“Many of my classmates have previously studied a different degree giving me an insight into what their university experiences were like. I have also been able to really expand my social network and my view on just how big the world really is.”

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Aspasia Manos – Medicine student

Aspasia Manos, medicine 

"When I was tossing up where to study, I told myself that I’d only move to study in a city that I could see myself embracing and feeling comfortable living in. Sydney was a very simple choice – it is quite similar to Toronto, Canada, but with more sun, sand, and sea."

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Tara Liley – Diagnostic Radiography student

Tara Liley, diagnostic radiography

Studying a specialist degree like diagnostic radiography, Tara Liley says she has gotten to know everyone in her year really well.

“I have met some of my closest friends at university. Choosing a degree that interested me and that I enjoy has led me to meeting a range of like-minded people with similar interests, leading to lifelong friendships.”

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Ryen Sadeque – Science and Health student

Ryen Sadeque, science and health

Ryen said he always saw himself in a role that focused on empowering others and felt drawn towards a career in health.

“I have been involved in mentoring programs, started a student society, and participated in a student exchange program where I spent a month volunteering in a developing country.”

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Meena Reid – Pharmacy student

Meena Eld, pharmacy

“The placements we get to go on throughout the degree gives us a real insight into what it’s like working in the field,” says Meena Eld about the Bachelor of Pharmacy.

“I hope to work within the oncology unit of a hospital or even get involved in research looking into treatments for cancer.”

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Amy Lo Monaco – Oral Health student

Amy Lo Monaco, oral health

Amy says it was a huge and exciting relief when she received her offer to study the Bachelor of Oral Health.

“I’m not going to lie... I cried a bit! I knew I wanted to do this course for a while. It seemed to be a really fun and interesting learning experience that was extremely different to other courses and degrees.”

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Amy Wenham - nursing student

Amy Wenham, nursing

Amy decided to pursue a nursing degree because she wanted a career that was not the same day-in-day-out.

“I wanted a career that was interesting and also challenging both emotionally and physically but most importantly intellectually. Nursing allows me to build relationships with my patients and their families and enables me to engage with their stories while providing them with the care they need.”

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Meredith Munnoch – Speech student

Meredith Munnoch, speech pathology

Meredith says she had never heard of speech pathology before looking at the UAC handbook, however always knew that she wanted a career where she could help people and found that this degree was the perfect fit.

“My off-campus placements have been some of the best experiences of my life! I have learnt so much about different areas of Speech Pathology, which has only grown my love of the profession.”

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Joshua Joseph – Exercise Physiology student

Joshua Joseph, exercise physiology

Joshua says he likes to keep active on his days off from study.

“Currently I am enrolled at Wesley College on main campus, plus play cricket for the North Sydney Bears in the Sydney Grade competition, so my time away from study is always spent doing something productive.”

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Andrew Klass – Pharmacy and Management student

Andrew Klass, pharmacy and management

As the third generation in his family to pursue a career in pharmacy, Andrew says he was really excited about the opportunities the new Bachelor of Pharmacy and Management held.

“I think that this new degree gives students a fantastic chance to couple both pharmacy with business knowledge that will be a huge benefit to kick-starting a prosperous career.”

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Wing Lai – Occupational Therapy student

Wing Lai, occupational therapy

Wing says she likes getting involved in activities outside of the classroom.

“I have been involved in a singing group organised and led by students, the culture swap in year 1, and I have completed two placements so far - one rural placement in Moree in a community based setting, and another one in Hornsby Hospital.”

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Andrew Adamski – Physiotherapy student

Andrew Adamski, physiotherapy

Andrew says he likes how physiotherapy reaches out to all areas of the population, not just those involved in sport.

“Ever since my dad started training my under-11’s Rugby League team I have been interested in how the body responds to exercise.”

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Michele Ducquet – Exercise and Sport Science student

Michele Ducquet, exercise and sport science

Michele says she always felt exercise and sport science let her follow her passion for science and biology while exploring it in the context of her interest in dance.

“As All Star Cheerleading gains recognition, I wish to apply my degree to coaching cheerleading at an elite level and furthering research into the sport.”

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