I study exercise and sport science: Michele Ducquet

What it's like studying an applied science
We asked Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) student Michele Ducquet why she chose her degree, and what life is like as a uni student.
Michele Ducquet

Why did you choose your degree?

I had planned to study secondary science education but I changed my mind, as this degree let me combine multiple interests. I felt exercise and sport science let me follow my passion for science and biology while exploring it in the context of my interest in dance.

I had considered the exercise and sport science program at another university but the University of Sydney offered a far more science based approach which appealed to me.

It was great to receive my offer and know I was going to be studying what I wanted!

What does your typical day at uni look like?

Lectures and tutorials, lunch with friends and study in the library. My favourite unit of study is currently Training Adaptations - it's great to start applying the concepts we've learnt!

What surprised you most about this degree?

How thoroughly we explore scientific concepts.

How does university compare to high school?

University is harder than high school as you're expected to take control of your learning, however, getting to explore your interests in depth and fulfill your passions is an amazing experience!

What are the people like?

There is an incredible variety of students with ranging interests and backgrounds. Most of our lecturers are highly knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach.

What are your future career plans?

As All Star Cheerleading gains recognition, currently as a provisional Olympic sport, I wish to apply my degree to coaching cheerleading at an elite level and furthering research into the sport.

Any advice for someone who is thinking about applying for exercise and sport science?

If you love science then the University of Sydney is definitely the place to explore an interest in exercise and sport!

30 May 2018

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