I study physiotherapy: Andrew Adamski

26 September 2017
What it's like studying physiotherapy
Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) student Andrew Adamski takes us behind-the-scenes of life as a health sciences student.
Andrew Adamski

Why did you choose your degree?

I've been lucky enough to be born with good health, so I wanted a career where I could enrich the lives of those who were not so lucky.

Ever since my Dad started training me during my under-11's Rugby League days I have been interested in how the body responds to exercise. I also like how physiotherapy reaches out to all areas of the population; not just those involved in sport.

What does your typical day at uni look like?

I'll usually attend a tutorial, grab some lunch with friends and then study for a while before going to work. My favourite class is PHTY2062 - Physiotherapy in Respiratory and Cardiac Conditions. The number of things that can go wrong with your lungs through no fault of your own chills me. I want to be someone who can help people in those types of situations.

How does university compare to high school?

I think I've learned to relax outside of class better at university. The HSC was just two-years of awfully hard work! I was surprised by the free tennis courts at Cumberland - they're great!

What are the people like? 

My classmates are really studious, but a lot of fun inside and outside of class. My lecturers are passionate about their subjects and always happy to provide answers to my many questions.

What are your future career plans?

Work for a hospital or a private practice for a few years, before opening up my own gym ASAP. I like the idea of calling the shots!

Any advice for someone who is thinking about studying physio?

Develop a flexible mindset. Life can really wrestle with you, so learn when to yield and when to push!