I study exercise physiology: Joshua Joseph

22 September 2017
What it's like studying exercise physiology
We caught up with Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) student Joshua Joseph to find out what it's really like studying his degree.
Joshua Joseph

Why did you choose exercise physiology?

I was always very interested in the program, it seemed like an extension of sport science, something that always caught my eye as an interesting program.

As well as this, it opened my eyes to many different viable career pathways in which I could look forward to.

What surprised you most about this degree?

What surprised me is the fact that whilst it offers broader learning, it is a very specific degree, so you end up with a much larger knowledge base that you can then direct straight into becoming an exercise physiologist.

In some ways university is much simpler than high school, and in other ways it's more difficult, because your learning is self-directed most of the time.

What are the people like?

My classmates are really interesting and diverse. People come from everywhere so you have plenty of people to talk to and get to know which makes turning up to uni even better.

Our lecturers are great. Each lecturer is different and obviously are experts in their fields so to learn from people of that calibre makes the whole experience that much better.

Have you been involved in anything outside the classroom?

Currently I am enrolled at Wesley College on main campus, plus play cricket for the North Sydney Bears in the Sydney Grade competition, so my time away from study is always spent doing something productive.

What are your future career plans?

My plan at this stage is to study further; either physiotherapy or medicine. At this stage, the former is looking more likely as each year my love for exercise physiology grows.

Any advice for someone who is thinking about studying exercise physiology?

My advice for someone who is thinking about applying for exercise physiology is that for a degree that is so specific, it really allows you to learn about a much broader range of subjects that can ultimately lead you anywhere. It is a great degree if sports science and rehabilitation is what you are interested in, plus, every year, many exciting opportunities and internships are offered so there is always the option to take your learning even further!