From Physio to Founder and CEO of SportsMed Studio and Hit 100

The alumnus shaking healthcare with innovative tech
Karn Ghosh was an award-winning physiotherapy student with an entrepreneurial spirit. Now he’s the founder and CEO of two health-tech start-ups, SportsMed Studio and Hit 100.
Karn Ghosh

His goal is to make healthy living easy and accessible to all Australians, focusing on innovative tech solutions to solve some of our biggest health challenges.

Back to the beginning

After graduating from the University of Sydney with first class honours in 2010, Karn started his career as a clinical physiotherapist in rural NSW. From the beginning, he felt compelled to reduce the inefficiencies of the public health system, focusing his energy on innovative prevention strategies to reduce hospital admissions and improve the health of all Australians.

Harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit, and using the power of technology, he drove meaningful change in healthcare to deliver solutions that could be accessed by all. Applying his experience as a sports physiotherapist, he founded SportsMed Studio in 2012 and launched Stretch HD, an app that provides clinical stretching programs for people of all levels of ability, including those recovering from injuries or post-operative rehab, as well as the fittest athletes.

Scaling up with Hit 100

Following his start-up success, Karn was inspired to think big. He turned his focus to preventing diabetes and heart disease among Australia's most at risk communities, developing the concept for a home-delivered meal solution. At the time that Karn launched Hit 100 in 2014, diabetes was the world’s fastest growing chronic disease, affecting around 1.7 million Australians. His solution was a ‘doctor meets chef’ food delivery service designed specifically to support people in making healthier food choices.

Karn worked closely with the community, so that they could drive every decision. He began by surveying over 2,400 people living with diabetes about their health and the support they needed, and then worked with a team of experts to deliver a simple solution for managing their diet.

Hit 100 diet

Today, Hit 100 is backed by a team of experts, and their community of followers continues to grow. Since launching 4 years ago, Karn and his team have continued to listen to the feedback of thousands of customers, and have expanded their business model to include food coaching, meal plans and home-delivered meals for people with disabilities, including texture-modified meals for people with swallowing difficulties.

Karn said, “in an era where we can order food or a taxi on our smartphones, the healthcare system is lagging behind”.
Karn Ghosh

Alumni Karn Ghosh talks about studying physiotherapy.

27 August 2018

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