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My child's health: 6 common questions answered

20 December 2018
Ask a Syd Health expert
Being a parent comes with a lot of questions. Our medicine and health experts answer common concerns and questions: from treating fevers and bedwetting to seeking help from a speech pathologist, dentist or orthodontist.

When should I treat a fever?

Associate Professor Rebekah Moles

Did you know that treating a fever can actually make the infection stick around for longer? Associate Professor Rebecca Moles from the Sydney Pharmacy School explains when a fever should raise alarm bells.

Should my child see a speech pathologist?

Dr Elise Baker

Dr Elise Baker from the Faculty of Health Sciences explains the different stages of a child's communicative development, and offer insight into when to be concerned and seek help from a speech pathologist.

Does my baby need a dentist?

Dr Neeta Prabhu

Did you know that your child's mouth starts to colonise with bacteria even before their baby teeth appear? Specialist paediatric dentist Dr Neeta Prabhu discusses when to take your child for their first visit to the dentist.

How do I Google my child's health issues?

Dr Karen Scott

We all turn to Google with our health questions, but how do we know what's reliable? Dr Karen Scott from the Children's Hospital at Westmead provides tips on how to find trustworthy medical information online.

Bedwetting: when should I worry?

Associate Professor Patrina Caldwell

When should you worry about your child's bedwetting? Sydney Medical School's Associate Professor Patrina Caldwell talks about what bedwetting can mean for your child, and what you can do to help.

What's the best age to get braces?

Dr Alexandra Papadopoulou

While you can have orthodontic treatment at any age, it's generally recommended that a child has orthodontic treatment while they're still undergoing physical growth. Specialist orthodontist Dr Alexandra Papadopoulou explains.

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