Showcasing rehabilitation counselling research

11 November 2019
Hear about the work of our talented rehabilitation counselling students
In the lead up to Sydney's inaugural Rehabilitation Counselling Showcase, we spoke with three final-year master’s students to learn more about the research projects they would be exhibiting to industry and community.

Name: Hanadi Ferris

Educational history: Two years ago, I completed my Bachelors in Psychological Science, however I wanted more knowledge particularly surrounding how I can help minimise inequality and as such the effect it has on our community.

Research project: My capstone project is on the importance of cultural awareness on the treatment of Indigenous Australians. After completing my first placement within the Western Sydney Local Health District, it became so clear that our health care systems were not equipped to handle our diverse country that is Australia.

Project aims: It is my hope that this capstone project will raise awareness for further research to be implemented on the significant effects cultural awareness can provide on one’s treatment experience and place within their community.

 Vivien Ong

Educational history: I'm currently pursuing a Master of Rehabilitation Counselling at the University of Sydney and hold a Master of Business Administration (University of Birmingham, UK) and a Bachelor of Arts, Communications Studies (Newcastle University, Australia).

Professional career:
 I'm working at an occupational rehabilitation provider, supporting Rehabilitation Counsellors. I've held the Marketing Director positions previously, with over 20 years of Marketing experience and skills in negotiation, market research and analysis, career training and counselling. I'm keen to support injured workers with their Return To Work (RTW), and use my transferable skills and knowledge from Master of Rehabilitation Counselling, to aid me in this profession.

Research project: My capstone project is a White Paper on “Strategies for Improved RTW Performances in Australia: An Integrated Approach to Injury Management, Secondary Psychological Injury Management, and Rehabilitation Care”.

Research aim: I hopes this White Paper highlights some of the gaps affecting strong, sustainable and durable return to work performance in Australia, and that the parties involved in RTW (such as employees, employers, and policy makers) would find the recommendations and strategies useful.

Name: Katie Jones

Educational history: I am currently a Masters of Rehabilitation Student. I studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Psychology) at The University of Sydney, which is how I found Rehabilitation Counselling.

Research project: My current research project is based on the impacts of breast cancer on sexual function. In Australia, women diagnosed with breast cancer in the early stages, have almost 100% chance of survival which has been improving over the past 20 years. This in turn has also increased the side effects that women are facing and the importance of targeting them to increase their quality of life. Many women who have experienced breast cancer and the side effects of treatment have identified that there are limited resources and supports available to assist them.

Research aim: I chose to do this topic because there is a significant gap in resources for women facing these issues and it is aimed at improving access for patients and cancer survivors to evidence-based, proactive and preventative sources of information. I hope this research will be used to develop a resource to address these barriers and improve the quality of life of these women.