29 November 2019

Creating regional opportunities for pharmacists

The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy alumna, Sue Muller, has built a successful career supporting regional communities. She has also given generously to the university, facilitating rural placements for pharmacy students.

27 November 2019

New digital resource hub for people with severe asthma

University of Sydney researchers have partnered with the University of Newcastle and Healthtalk Australia to produce evidence-based digital resources about severe asthma.
26 November 2019

Five minutes with Paul Bennett: Teaching Empathy

Paul Bennett from the Rural Clinical School (Broken Hill) gives students a glimpse into the experiences of people who are older or have a disability, through the Empathy Suit.
26 November 2019

DetectED-X: reshaping the future of cancer diagnosis

DetectED-X is transforming cancer detection by providing intelligent educational test sets for doctors around the world.
25 November 2019

Sydney Facial Nerve Clinic expands interdisiplinary model to include contemporary artist

University of Sydney PhD student Vic McEwan, who is currently undertaking research in the Discipline of Physiotherapy, shares his art at the Big Anxiety Festival, Australia’s largest mental health festival.
18 November 2019

Career options for dentists beyond clinical practice

We spoke to some of our dental school staff and alumni who have forged interesting careers outside of clinical practice to find out some of the best alternative career options for dentists looking for a new direction.
18 November 2019

Researchers overcome cholesterol overload in rare genetic disorder

In a world-first, researchers have discovered the main reason why cholesterol accumulates in people with the rare progressive genetic disease called Niemann Pick Type C1 (NPC1).

15 November 2019

Data science and digital health shape the future of dental education

Professor Heiko Spallek is combining his experience in dental education and research with his expertise in computer and information science to bring dentistry and healthcare into the digital age.
12 November 2019

Exercise is the best medicine for managing back pain

Associate Professor Paulo Ferreira spoke to ABC Life about the best evidence-based approaches for back pain in those who have demanding jobs.
11 November 2019

Showcasing rehabilitation counselling research

In the lead up to Sydney's inaugural Rehabilitation Counselling Showcase, we spoke with three final-year master’s students to learn more about the research projects they would be exhibiting to industry and community.