21 March 2019

World-first opioid trial on acute spinal pain

Addressing a global epidemic in the prescription of opioids for back pain, the OPAL trial, led by Associate Professor Christine Lin, Sydney School of Public Health, is the first clinical trial that will provide evidence for the effect opioids have on pain relief in acute spinal pain patients.

21 March 2019

10-year plan to expand Medicare funded dental care

Two million Australians who needed dental care in the past year either didn’t get it or delayed getting it because it cost too much. The new Grattan Institute Report shows how to fill the dental gap.
21 March 2019

Sydney health researchers share their vision to 'Close the Gap'

Despite more than a decade of government commitment to the national Close the Gap campaign, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can still expect to live up to 10-17 years less than non-Indigenous Australians.
19 March 2019

Transforming Sydney's Medical Program

The University of Sydney's flagship program, the Doctor of Medicine (MD), has been re-designed to provide students with greater flexibility than ever before while placing added emphasis on clinical exposure, right from week one.

13 March 2019

Involving consumers in dental decisions

Following a competitive tender process, the Australian Dental Council has appointed the University of Sydney to complete research into the involvement of consumers in the design and delivery of dental assessments and examinations.