31 October 2019

Research update: Marie Bashir Institute

In the seven years since the inception of the Marie Bashir Institute, a significant amount of multidisciplinary research has taken place across the Asia-Pacific region to advance our understanding of infectious diseases.
30 October 2019

Oral health alumnus moves to Broken Hill after final year placement

Andrew Somerville went on two week placement in Broken Hill and never came back. Now almost two years on, we caught up with him to find out what led him to make the move to one of Australia's most iconic mining towns.

30 October 2019

Dental researchers develop new glass fibre composite materials

Associate Professor Ayman Ellakwa is part of a team of researchers from UNSW and the University of Wollongong who have received a CRC-P grant with a total project value of $8.3 million, to develop a new fibre-reinforced dental composite.

28 October 2019

Influential alumnus makes impact on medical community

The University of Sydney School of Medicine alumnus and philanthropist, Dr Barry Catchlove AM, led an extraordinary career in healthcare management. He has also made a significant contribution at the University, generously supporting young researchers.

28 October 2019

Improving TB detection in Vietnam

Leading large clinical trials in Vietnam, Associate Professor Greg Fox is addressing the problem of tuberculosis (TB) case detection in endemic settings using active screening and a modern new molecular test.

25 October 2019

Simulated patient study on the supply of codeine from Australian pharmacies

Investigation on the effectiveness of drug monitoring in pharmacies, though two initiatives; regulatory changes restricting their availability, and voluntary live-recording supply of non-prescription codeine combination analgesics (CCAs).
24 October 2019

Alumnus tackling infectious diseases in Indonesia

Dr Agus Simahendra is a Master of Medicine (Infection and Immunity) graduate who has dedicated his work to learning about infectious diseases with the goal of improving the health outcomes of his people in Indonesia and others in low-income countries.

22 October 2019

Medical school history: The 1919 influenza pandemic

The ‘Spanish flu’ pandemic emerged at the end of WWI and by 1919 it had hit Australia. The University of Sydney and the Royal North Shore Hospital played a role in responding to the outbreak, helping to save many lives.
17 October 2019

Raising awareness of developmental language disorders

It's a hidden but very common disability, affecting approximately two children in every school classroom. This Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, our speech experts are raising awareness and sharing useful resources for families.
14 October 2019

Exposing suspected research fraud with new software

Professor Jennifer Byrne was chosen to deliver the 10th annual Diana Temple AM Memorial Lecture at the University of Sydney