30 March 2020

Which postgraduate health course is right for you?

Advancing your career in health is easier to accomplish than you might think. A single unit of study, professional certificate, graduate certificate or graduate diploma are valuable options to consider if your not ready to commit to a full master's program.
27 March 2020

How to make working from home a positive experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant a change in the way we approach work, with many of us facing full-time working from home for the first time in our professional lives. The Prevention Research Collaboration has put together their advice for ensuring your experience working from home is positive.
23 March 2020

How to prevent weight regain

Ever lost weight, only to put it back on…and then some? It’s not a lack of willpower, it’s biology - your body’s physiological responses lead you to put it back on.
19 March 2020

Prestigious grants and prizes awarded

Faculty of Medicine and Health researchers have been awarded a number of grants and prizes, including a prestigious NHMRC award and funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC), NHMRC and Cancer Council NSW.
13 March 2020

World Sleep Day

A new program at the University of Sydney School of Pharmacy will be introduced this year, giving pharmacy students the opportunity to extend their experience beyond the classroom and develop leadership skills.

10 March 2020

How to become a doctor

To pursue a career in medicine you need to finish year 12 and graduate from a bachelor’s degree. You then need to complete a four-year postgraduate medical program. To be fully registered, you must also complete an intern year.