23 December 2021

The book I didn't expect to read this year

A perfect time capsule of sciences’ fight against COVID

15 December 2021

Alumni share wisdom with the class of 2021

As a new cohort of medicine and health professionals graduate and enter the workforce, we asked our alumni to reflect on their university experiences and pass on a word of wisdom to the class of 2021.
14 December 2021

The First Thousand Days

Links between a mother’s health through pregnancy and the health of her baby are well established. Through the Baby1000 program, Professor Adrienne Gordon and her team are pioneering work to discover the early interventions that will improve health for the next generation.

13 December 2021

Living in the new ‘normal’

Lockdowns, economic crises, vaccines, ‘the new normal’ – if the events of the last 20 months have shown us anything, it’s that COVID-19 is not planning on leaving soon. However, amongst the fear and unknown, the pandemic has also generated an extraordinary response.
03 December 2021

Cancer Institute NSW awards Sydney $2.2M in research funding

Our researchers will develop new treatments for liver cancer, effective therapies for melanoma patients resistant to immunotherapy, work to improve metastatic spine procedures, and understand why men are more likely to die from cancer than women.
01 December 2021

How R&D with a uni can give your company more bang for its buck

Companies are often unaware of the funding opportunities and support available to them via government, the University of Sydney and other bodies that exist to specifically stimulate industry–university partnerships.
24 November 2021

Bioscience start-up and Sydney researcher team up for “blood-vessel-in-a-box”

This soon-to-be-commercialised technology is the first significant disruption to the past century-and-a-half of 2D cell culturing and animal-based testing, paving the way for more accurate and ethical medical research and treatment.
16 November 2021

Over $640,000 to support adolescents living with HIV

Global health experts will lead a program to examine and measure how intervention can help adolescents living with HIV flourish within their communities by developing the character strengths embedded within the indigenous concept of 'Zvandiri' (Accept Me as I Am).

26 October 2021

World-renowned neuroscientist receives prestigious award

Distinguished neuroscientist and research neuropathologist, Professor Glenda Halliday, has been recognised and awarded for her leading research and profound contribution to the treatment of Parkinson's disease.

09 October 2021

Sydney launches new musculoskeletal health research partnership

Musculoskeletal conditions are a leading cause of disability. A new partnership between the University of Sydney and local health districts will support world-leading research into these issues and rapidly translate it to clinical practice.