28 May 2021

The importance of relaxation therapy

Hippocrates routinely advocated rest and understood the importance of relaxation for mental and physical health. Now 2,500 years later stress-related, chronic conditions are common and the need for relaxation increases.
21 May 2021

The orphans of the COVID-19 response

COVID-19 amplified many inequalities within our society and one which will be felt for some time is its impact on the oral health of Australians.

19 May 2021

Survey of pharmacists on medicinal cannabis

With the imminent arrival of over-the-counter cannabidiol (CBD) products, pharmacists will become the new gatekeepers of patient access to certain types of medicinal cannabis products.

04 May 2021

Professor Wendy Erber wins Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

She established one of the world’s first comprehensive leukemia diagnostic laboratories. Now Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UWA, Wendy Erber reflects on her time at the University of Sydney, what she learnt, what drove her personally and how her studies took her to where she is today.
04 May 2021

Alexander Burke graduates Bachelor of Pharmacy degree with First Class Honours

Alexander Burke, a proud Wiradjuri male, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree with First Class Honours. He has now commenced his PhD where he will continue to shape the way pharmacy and health students are taught about Aboriginal culture and indigenous health.