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How to become a pharmacist

All you need to know about becoming a pharmacist in Australia
Australian pharmacists must: 1) complete an accredited university degree, 2) complete an intern training program and supervised practice requirements, and 3) pass a registration exam. Our integrated degrees combine steps 1 and 2.

Whether you're a school leaver who is just starting out or a mature age student looking for a career change, below we outline the steps to becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia.  

1. Complete a pharmacy degree at university

Straight from high school

You can apply to study pharmacy as an undergraduate student straight from high school if you meet the minimum ATAR score, mathematics course prerequisite and English language requirements.

HSC Biology and Chemistry are also assumed knowledge. Students who have not completed these subjects are strongly advised to take a bridging course prior to commencing their studies.

At the University of Sydney you can choose from:

If you've already completed a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for the Master of Pharmacy as a postgraduate student.

The 2-year degree is an accelerated, practical program designed to prepare you for all aspects of the pharmacy profession including leadership in innovative and evidence-based practice.

Learn more about Master of Pharmacy entry requirements and course structure

2. Complete an intern training program and supervised practice requirements

Our combined degrees integrate the Pharmacy Board of Australia's intern training program and supervised practice requirements - requirements you normally have to complete after graduating with a typical bachelor's degree.

Which means that you can sit the Pharmacy Board's registration examination soon after completing your degree.

Our combined pharmacy degrees also integrate an advanced master's program and offer the opportunity to complete honours. Learn more about these degrees.

3. Pass the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s registration exam

Once you have completed the intern training program and supervised practice (which are built into our integrated degrees), you'll be able to sit the Pharmacy Board's registration examination.

If successful, you'll then be eligible to apply for general registration as a pharmacist in Australia.

Pharmacists require this registration to find employment in a variety of clinical settings and specialities, including hospital and community pharmacies, consultancy, government and industrial positions.

Transferring from overseas?

If you are an overseas practitioner, you are still required to register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia and may require further examination.

Learn more about overseas practitioner registration

25 March 2022

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