29 September 2023

How to become a surgeon

To become a surgeon, you must complete your medical degree and registration, undergo at least two years of internship and residency in a hospital and then complete at least five years of surgical training depending on specialty.
26 September 2023

How to begin a career in genomic medicine

The Speciality of Genomic Medicine provides medical students and professionals as well as scientists with opportunities to become an expert in genomics and work across research, government and clinical settings.
18 September 2023

REDI to help Australians breathe easier

Associate Professor Zoe McKeough's REDI Fellowship allowed her to collaborate with Australian digital healthcare company Perx Health on a research project to empower people with chronic respiratory conditions to better engage with their treatment program.
14 September 2023

Why study surgery at Sydney

Surgeons are medical professionals who specialise in performing surgical procedures to repair, remove, or alter parts of the body to improve a patient's health or quality of life. The discipline of surgery focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions and injuries through operative techniques.
07 September 2023

Bringing Torres Strait Islander culture and food to the forefront at Sydney

Cultural immersion programs at the University of Sydney encourages students to not only learn more about other cultures, but also fascinates students to learn about their own.
06 September 2023

Health policy graduate driving change through education

From the University of Sydney to Ulaanbaatar, health policy graduate Munkhjargal Byambajav is working to improve health outcomes for people in Mongolia.
05 September 2023

Why study occupational therapy at Sydney

Our courses in occupational therapy are an excellent choice for students wanting to pursue a rewarding career as an occupational therapist.
01 September 2023

Faculty of Medicine and Health supports an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament

The University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health proudly supports the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament for better First Nations health outcomes.