19 December 2023

How to become a geneticist

Genomics and precision medicine is a discipline that impacts all areas of healthcare, research, and medicine. We can help you to gain the experience and qualifications to work in this in-demand field.
19 December 2023

Why study genomics and precision medicine

A career in genomics and precision medicine may enable you to contribute to discoveries that can have profound implications for both medicine and science.
15 December 2023

How to become a physician

Physicians are medical doctors who are highly trained healthcare professionals responsible for a wide range of medical duties. Their primary focus is on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses and injuries in patients.
13 December 2023

Sydney startups selected for program

Two University of Sydney startups exploring heat stress management systems and antimicrobial-resistant infections have been selected by Australia’s science agency CSIRO for its 2024 ON Accelerate program.
01 December 2023

Helping people in Western Sydney become parents for almost 40 years

Westmead Fertility Centre has helped thousands of couples and individuals for almost 40 years by providing high quality care at affordable prices.
21 November 2023

A timeline of success at Westmead

A step into the past, present and future celebrating milestones created by the people and researchers of Westmead and the University of Sydney.
20 November 2023

How to become an intensive care specialist

Intensive care specialists play a critical role in managing and providing advanced medical care to patients with severe and life-threatening illnesses. Their expertise is essential for optimising patient outcomes in the challenging and high-stakes environment of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
16 November 2023

Re-writing infection prevention and disease control for Australia

Professor Ramon Shaban is actively working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases within the Western Sydney Local Health District and across Australia by pioneering innovative initiatives, strategies and resources.
10 November 2023

Understanding the importance of immunisation registers in healthcare

Sydney Infectious Diseases Institute researchers specialising in infectious diseases, immunisation and emergencies hosted a study visit on electronic immunisation registers during October.
10 November 2023

Re-thinking neurodevelopment: How the immune system sculpts the brain

Professor Russell Dale is changing the lives of children and their families by understanding the role the immune system plays in brain development.