Musculoskeletal health in children and adolescents

Improving the health of children affected by musculoskeletal conditions
Underpinned by the principle of person-centredness, our research is focused on understanding the pathology and mechanisms of musculoskeletal health in children and adolescents.

Our research focuses on understanding the pathology and mechanisms of these conditions, characterising the clinical outcomes and needs related to these conditions and developing new treatments, services and management strategies to address these needs.

Our activities are underpinned by the principle of person-centredness and focused on outputs that impact the health of young people.

Some of the research programs currently explored by our investigators in this area include:

  • Improving diagnosis and management of children and adolescents with rare genetic disorders affecting skeletal development (Andreas Zankl)
  • Improving the understanding and management of musculoskeletal pain in children and adolescents in primary care and the community (Steve Kamper)
  • Optimising the design and delivery of a digital ankle-foot orthosis workflow for children (Tegan Cheng)