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By working collaboratively with clinicians, researchers, consumers and policy makers, we strive to improve care and health outcomes for people with musculoskeletal conditions.

We are currently recruiting participants for a number of trials across our Centre.

Please check the eligibility conditions carefully before applying for a trial. If you are ineligible for any of our current trials, please check back as this section is updated periodically.

  • Pain and function associated with a pronated foot posture
    This study aims to improve our understanding of why some people with flat/pronated feet are more at risk of foot and lower limb pain.
  • PROPOSE study
    The PROPOSE (Professional Referral to Physical Activity, Sport and Exercise) study is looking to interview people aged 50+ across Australia who have seen a physiotherapist in the past two years. Interviews will take approximately 30 minutes and will be conducted by phone or video call.

  • SUcceSS
    SUcceSS is the world’s first randomised placebo-controlled study of decompression surgery for lumbar canal stenosis.