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Medical school in Australia at the University of Sydney
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The University of Sydney School of Medical Sciences

Leaders in medical science education and research
A research-intensive group of disciplines comprising anatomy and histology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology.

About Sydney School of Medical Sciences

The School of Medical Sciences contributes to courses in medicine, science, dentistry and pharmacy. We produce high-impact research across a range of biomedical fields and we are a key part of the Bosch Institute and the Brain and Mind Centre.


Our teaching and research activities comprise the following disciplines:

Our people

Professor Sarah Young
Head of School

Myrophora Koureas
School Manager

Professor Robert Vandenberg
Deputy Head of School and Head of Discipline of Pharmacology

Associate Professor Kevin Keay
Head of Discipline of Anatomy and Histology

Professor Paul Witting
Acting Head of Discipline of Pathology

Professor Peter Thorn
Head of Discipline of Physiology

Professor Jamie Triccas
Head of Discipline Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Associate Professor Scott Byrne
Head of Discipline Applied Medical Sciences

Head of School

Professor Sarah Young

School of Medical Sciences

  • +61 2 9351 4195

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