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The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health

Develop your skills in a busy regional hospital
Offering a mix of clinical challenges as a result of its remote location, the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health is the perfect place to develop a richer understanding of rural health in a wider social context.

About the school

The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BHUDRH) aims to improve healthcare in far western New South Wales by providing high quality support, education and training for rural and remote health workers.

Our focus is to establish relevant teaching and support environments, promote opportunities for student placements in the region, and deliver a successful rural attachment program for medical, nursing and allied health students.

The department’s research and development team provides comprehensive research training for general practitioners, primary healthcare workers, Indigenous mental health trainees and professional development support for local health professionals in our region. 

Overall the BHUDRH has a strong population health focus and supports existing health providers to improve health service development, especially in public health and primary healthcare.


We offer placements to students completing courses in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, speech pathology, dietetics and nutrition, orthoptics, podiatry, and medical imaging, from universities across Australia.

Students can be placed in any of our regional locations including Broken Hill, Wilcannia, Menindee, Balranald, Dareton, Wentworth, Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Lightning Ridge and Walgett. We work to ensure students have high quality accommodation and access to learning resources and facilities. 

Visit the BHUDRH placements page for more information on available placements. For more information, contact the Student Coordinator at info@bhudrh.com.au

Please note: We are not currently accepting elective placement applications or making elective placement offers until further notice. 


Establishing the Centre for Remote Health Research (CRHR) in 2003, we are committed to enhancing Australia's expertise in rural and remote health research and the translation of research into policy and practice.

The CRHR is a unit of the University of Sydney’s Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BHUDRH) undertaking public health, health service and clinical research which impacts directly on policy and practice within western and far west and other remote parts of Australia.

Learn more about our research objectives.

For further information please contact Dr Debra Jones, head of clinical school in Rural Health.

Head of Clinical School

Debra Jones
Professor Debra Jones
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The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health