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Specialty of Sleep Medicine

Systematic study of the physiology and disorders of sleep
Advances in respiratory medicine, neurophysiology and circadian biology, and the interactions between sleep and other body systems underpin this evolving and relatively new clinical field.

Courses in sleep medicine

The Specialty of Sleep Medicine is actively engaged in undergraduate and postgraduate education, drawing on its diverse faculty across the university to provide interdisciplinary programs.

Postgraduate coursework

*Requires a medical degree

Professional development and short courses

Fundamentals of sleep medicine
This one week course covers all aspects of sleep medicine and technology, sleep analysis techniques, and includes CPAP and NIV workshops.

Sleep-scoring bootcamp
This intensive two-day course focuses on the analysis of sleep studies. It is designed for inexperienced and experienced scorers.

About the specialty

We were established in the 1980s in response to growing interest and advances in the field. Since then, we have been leaders in clinical sleep medicine research, education and professional development in Australia and internationally.

Our rich history of achievement, mentorship and research has expanded this interdisciplinary field across the University. 

We are continuing to coordinate and enhance sleep research and education across the University and its affiliated hospitals and institutes.

We have contributed to many advancements including:

  • nasal positive pressure treatment for sleep-related breathing disorders
  • elucidation of the endocrine and metabolic consequences of sleep-disordered breathing and the neurobiology of sleep loss
  • early recognition of the link of sleep disorders with cardiovascular diseases
  • delineation of fundamental mechanisms of upper airway pathophysiology in sleep apnea
  • recognition and development of the role of oral appliances in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • pioneering work and development of the field of paediatric sleep medicine
  • modelling of sleep processes and circadian biology. 

Our research

We bring together researchers from diverse disciplines across the Faculty of Medicine and Health. Our research covers the following areas of interest:

  • adult and paediatric sleep and breathing disorders
  • behavioural sleep medicine
  • chronobiology
  • clinical sleep medicine
  • dental sleep medicine
  • driver fatigue
  • neurobiology of sleep
  • endocrine, metabolic and cardiovascular aspects of sleep
  • epidemiology of sleep loss and sleep disorders
  • medicolegal aspects of sleep disorders
  • neuropsychology and psychiatric aspects of sleep
  • primary care roles in sleep health
  • shiftwork, workplace safety and fatigue
  • sleep pharmacology and quality use of medications in sleep
  • sleep in pregnancy.

A network of facilities supports the diverse research endeavours of the group. State-of-the-art sleep laboratories and supporting research infrastructure for adults and children, as well as a unique chronobiology and long-term monitoring facilty are available across the network of facilities.

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