Psychiatry non-degree Continuing Medical Education (CME) Course

Course overview
The non-degree Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme is an accredited Formal Education Course (FEC) with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) for stage 1 and stage 2 psychiatry trainees.

Our Continuing Medical Education (CME) program brings together academics and experts from the cutting edge of their respective fields.

Students will emerge with an understanding of the latest in interdisciplinary research and develop critical appraisal skills to utilise the findings in clinical and research settings.

There are two shared units with the Master of Brain and Mind Sciences providing the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration in mental health research and clinical practice.

  • Acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the Learning Outcomes for Stage 1 and 2 trainees as outlined in the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Competency-Based Fellowship Program.
  • Demonstrate the relevant competencies at the level of entry into advanced training in psychiatry in the seven key CanMeds roles of Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Health Advocate, Manager, Scholar and Professional.
  • Understand and apply the biopsychosociocultural model in psychiatry.
  • Understand and apply relevant procedures, models, technologies and techniques in relation to clinical assessment, diagnosis, management and research of brain, mind and related general medical disorders.
  • Critically evaluate the literature and make evidence-based decisions in clinical practice and research.
  • Be aware and or advised by the lived-experience context of health delivery and have an understanding and application of recovery and trauma-informed models of care.
  • Possess the University of Sydney graduate attributes including scholarship, lifelong learning and global citizenship.

Students undertaking the CME non-degree course will be required to attend face to face and or online teaching sessions and participate in online learning activities but will not be required to submit assignments or examinations. Students in locations outside Sydney will be able to participate in classes online. All units required for completion of the FEC will be available as CME units.

To meet the RANZCP requirements, students will need to complete the following units of study over the 3 year program:

Stage one:

  • BMRI5003 Clinical Psychiatry I
  • BMRI5050 Clinical Psychiatry II

Stage two:

  • BMRI5020 Research Enquiry
  • BMRI5053 Bodies, Brains and Minds in Connection
  • BMRI5052 Child and Youth Mental Health
  • BMRI5012 Brain Ageing
  • BMRI5054 Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Care

Non-degree subject also required for FEC:

  • Forensic Psychiatry which is a 2-4 week program run every second year prior to semester 1 (2024).

Admission requires current employment in a RANZCP - psychiatry training position or similar.

Psychiatrists, both local and internationally trained, Career Medical Officers and GPs working within psychiatry are also eligible to apply.

$865 (including GST) per unit of study

$275 (including GST) for Forensic Psychiatry module 

TOTAL - $6,050 (inclusive of GST)

Semester 1: 19 February 2024

Semester 2: 29 July 2024

Brain and Mind Centre: Building F, Level 5, 94 Mallet Street, Camperdown

Online via Zoom

Sydney Health Executive Education

Course Delivery Officers