Five reasons to visit the Library's new ThinkSpace

2 September 2016

Last week, the University of Sydney's Library launched ThinkSpace, a new space filled with the latest technology that our students and staff alike can use to enhance learning or simply have fun. Peer Learning Adviser and business student, Reynald Mandille was there for the launch last Thursday and gave us the lowdown.

1. It's decked out with tech

“The most popular is probably the 3D printer, but we’ve also got a 3D carver, Google cardboard and a BB-8 unit where students can try coding or just have a play around with it. We recently got a 3Doodler, which is basically like 3D printing but on a smaller scale.”

2. You don’t need to be a tech whiz

“As a business student, like most people I didn’t really know much about any of this, so it was a bit intimidating at first. But once the staff sat me down to use it, I realised it was actually really quite easy. If you’re feeling intimidated, just come in and have a chat to us – it’s all very user-friendly.”

3. It’s useful for your studies…

“It’s a great opportunity for students to try out the technology and see how it could help them in their study or professionally. For example, we’ve had a medical student come in and create a stethoscope holder on the 3D printer. Last semester we had to create an app-based business project for one of my classes, so I thought it would have been really cool to create a model for that. It’s also useful to create prototypes or models so you can visualise things on a smaller scale.”

4. But can also just be used for fun

“We do have students using the 3D printer for decorative items like Star Wars figurines or Batmobiles.” Check out what our students and staff have made.

5. You can just have a go

“All the apps we have are educational, but basically they give students are a bit of a go because 3D printers are so expensive and hard to access outside a University context. This kind of technology is eye-opening for a lot of people, they come in and have no idea. So they’ll come in just to have a look at the printer, and then we’ll start to have a conversation and tell them that we can actually print things for them. Students might drop in and have a play around for fifteen minutes, or they can book in to use the 3D printer for 4 hours at a time.”

ThinkSpace is now open on level 2 of the Jane Foss Russell Building (above the SciTech library). Find out more and book equipment on the library’s website.