04 October 2017

Finger on the pulse

A rapidly growing world population is threatening food security and driving unsustainable soil degradation. The challenges are enormous, but part of the answer could come from an unlikely source - the humble legume.

04 October 2017

With one voice

They were risking their lives by being there. But as the music started, and Hellen Rose began to sing, they all dared hope that some progress is finally being made by the women of Afghanistan.

04 October 2017

On my desk: Dr Jennifer Ferng

Dr Jennifer Ferng (GradCertEdStud '16) is a lecturer in architecture. Her love of art, geology and social justice has led her down many paths and seen her collect many interesting souvenirs. 

04 October 2017

Seeing a way forward

Opening up the human genome presents unimagined treatment possibilities for understanding and treating a huge range of conditions. For one pioneering researcher, it offers the possibility of restoring sight.

04 October 2017

Prism of perception

People are usually happy if a photograph catches a nice smile or a beautiful landscape. Fabian Muir wants his photographs to capture more, and he travels to some of the world's most ostracised countries to take them.

04 October 2017

My favourite: David McGonigal

David McGonigal (BA ’71 LLB ‘75) worked in insurance law long enough to save for a round-the-world motorbike trip. This led him to Antarctica, a role as an Antarctic Expedition Leader, and favourite things on all continents. 

04 October 2017

A hive of activity

No bees means no oranges, carrots, apples, broccoli, grapes, coffee and many other food staples. Bees are fundamental to our food security. They're also under threat. 

04 October 2017

Tree's company

The famous jacaranda that once graced the Quadrangle, has been replaced by a clone of itself. The new version of the jacaranda will now share the Quad with a native Illawarra flame tree. 

03 October 2017

Eat, drink and learn something new

Wednesday 25 October will once again see bars transform into classrooms as the University of Sydney takes education out of the lecture theatre and into the city with Raising the Bar.

29 September 2017

5 ways to learn more about mental health

By understanding more about mental health, we are better prepared to stay mentally fit, Dr Haley LaMonica explains.