27 November 2017

New fellowships to retain the best postdoctoral talent

The University has launched a new fellowship program to support and retain our best early-career academics.

27 November 2017

Small changes mean big opportunities: AINST becomes Sydney Nano

Nanotechnology will shape this century as digital technology shaped the last. The University of Sydney Nano Institute stands ready to embrace the future.

25 November 2017

Off the meds - how to reduce medications in older generations

Newly published research has developed new ways to characterise older patients who take multiple medications and may be open to reducing the number of medicines they take.

24 November 2017

6 reasons why you should eat your whole grains

Whole grains have proven health benefits say scientists across the globe, including from the University of Sydney. In a joint statement, the group outlines the health hacks associated with eating more whole grains. 

24 November 2017

New Professor appointed at the Westmead Precinct

Professor Ramon Shaban has been appointed inaugural Clinical Chair and Professor of Infection Prevention and Control at the University of Sydney's Nursing School and Western Sydney Local Health District.

24 November 2017

Why we need to stand against domestic violence

To commemorate White Ribbon Day, experts from the University reflect on why it is critical that we take a stand against domestic violence.

24 November 2017

What you need to know about the Uber hack

Uber has admitted a 2016 data breach put the personal information of 57 million users at risk. Drs Rohan Miller and David Oliver from the University of Sydney Business School explain the key points you need to know.
23 November 2017

Professor Andrew McLachlan appointed Dean of Pharmacy

The University of Sydney's new Head of School and Dean of Pharmacy, Professor Andrew McLachlan, brings an impressive record of academic achievement, research and teaching. 

23 November 2017

Oral health impact of sugar-sweetened beverages overlooked

New research on sugar-sweetened beverages reveals one in seven adolescents is drinking more than two cups a day, and is two to three times more likely to have oral health problems than those who don't drink the beverages.

23 November 2017

New institute to revolutionise cancer imaging and targeted radiotherapy

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Image X Institute, lead by Professor Paul Keall, will revolutionise medical imaging, transform targeted radiotherapy and enable global access to radiotherapy.