Heart stopping Sydney experience exceeds student expectations

21 September 2017

When Winnie Theresa made the big move to Sydney from Jakarta to start her three-year medical science degree earlier this year, she had never lived away from home before.

Image: Winnie Theresa


What has the experience been like?

“It’s been more exciting than scary, and I’ve really fallen in love with the University. I lived with my extended family in Jakarta, so getting to do everything on my own has been liberating. I have my own room, I shop for and cook my own food, everything!” she said.

“There have been some surprising things too, which I hadn’t considered before I arrived. Having all four seasons in Sydney has been great – a real difference between summer, autumn, winter and spring. Very different to home.”

For Winnie, the three-year medical science degree will hopefully be her pathway into medicine as a career.

“I’ve nearly completed my first year, so I’ve got two years of my undergraduate degree left. I’m hoping to stay at the University of Sydney and complete the further training needed to become a doctor.And in the meantime, I am going to make the most of all the opportunities being here is giving me”

“I was attracted to Sydney because of their great reputation for medical science, but also because of all the other things you can get involved in here” she said. “There are literally hundreds of clubs and societies you can join. It makes it easy to make new friends, and always gives you something else to do.”

Would Winnie offer any advice to others thinking of coming to the University of Sydney to study?

“Don’t forget to have fun! The academic side is important, but you should also make sure you get involved life outside the classroom. Making the most of your free time makes the study easier!”

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