Demystifying Sydney Science degrees

14 November 2017

In 2018 the Sydney Undergraduate Experience will launch our reimagined curriculum. But what do the changes mean for those studying Science? And what do future students need to consider when making their choice of degree?

Our reimagined curriculum is focused on developing graduates with specialist knowledge and a wide range of real-world skills and experience. For Science students, this opens up a world of opportunities to build a degree with the skills you’ll need on graduation.

We offer one of the most flexible Science degrees in Australia. With over 40 study streams, programs and majors to choose from, you really can choose your own Science adventure.

What has actually changed about the degrees available in Science?

  • You can now choose between the three-year Bachelor of Science and the four-year Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies – more choices, more opportunities.
  • The names of our degrees have changed. Instead of studying, for example, a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience you would now study for a Bachelor of Science choosing animal and veterinary science. You could also choose to study an advanced study stream (see more below).
  • We’ve formalised the ability to broaden your studies by doing units from a wide shared pool of majors. This gives you the opportunity to build your skills to suit your ambitions. For example, you might major in chemistry but take some commerce units to give you a better understanding of budgets and business concepts, giving you an edge when you graduate.
  • To help create graduates with the skills that employers want, you will take part in internships and interdisciplinary projects, and complete online Open Learning Environment units of study as for-credit components as part of your course.

What are the differences between the three-year Bachelor of Science and the four-year Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies?

The table below gives a snapshot of how the courses compare:


Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science and
Bachelor of Advanced Studies


3 years

4 years






Yes: Double major

Minor (or optional second major)



Open Learning Environment 






Exchange (available)



Advanced coursework



Substantial project



Honours (available)



* We do offer advanced units throughout most of our UG majors (subject to meeting their entry requirement).

Lab coats on a hook

What’s so great about the four-year combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies?

  • You get access to advanced units of study, giving you a greater depth of subject knowledge across your degree. The fourth year gives you the edge as a truly well-rounded graduate, choosing either a research (honours) or professional (internships/placements) stream.
  • You select two majors – one from Science and a second from Science or any of the shared pool majors, giving you the chance to tailor your skills to your interests or career aspirations.

What’s the difference between a stream and a major?

  • The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies offers streams which cater to students interested in pursuing a specific career and with the aim to focus more heavily on a particular discipline. Choose from AgricultureAnimal and Veterinary BioscienceFood & AgribusinessHealthMedical Science to get a named stream degree, e.g. Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Agriculture).
  • We also offer an Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Advanced), featuring units of study that are either advanced coded (allowing you to delve deeper into particular topics) or allowing you to complete third-year units in place of second-year. Our advanced stream will provide you with high-level challenges, special projects and accelerated learning opportunities.
  • Exclusive to high achieving students with an ATAR (or equivalent) of 98+, the Dalyell Scholars program is an opportunity to challenge yourself alongside your most promising and talented peers.
  • A major is a specialisation in a chosen area of study and is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular area. As a Science student you can choose from a wide selection of Science majors, and your second major can come from an even larger shared pool of majors and minors.           


Still not sure what course to commit to? Come along to Info Day and get answers to all your last minute questions before the closing of UAC preferences.