10 podcasts to feed your brain over the summer holiday

21 December 2018
Rediscover the magic of maths and other great talks from 2018
We've selected some of the most thoughtful, challenging and inspiring podcasts of the year. How we can create accessible and inclusive spaces for all? Why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism? Will there be stars in the sky forever?

2018 highlights podcast playlist

Reading and writing slowly in a digital age

If literature, as romantic poet John Keats said, is for soul making, how will our souls be made and remade in a digital age that steals time from us in so many ways?

The end of time: future history of the universe

Will there forever be stars in the sky? What is the ultimate fate of life and the universe? Join us for a cosmic journey into the past and future with astrophysicist Geraint Lewis.

Art and neuroplasticity: are they linked?

Our brain power allows us to produce art. But what influence does art have on our brains and mental wellbeing? And could art help to heal neurodegenerative diseases?

Meet a living legend: Bruce Beresford

Australian film director Bruce Beresford (Ladies in Black, Driving Miss Daisy) provides humorous and honest reflections on his extensive works, impressive 50-year career, Hollywood and more, in this lively conversation with film studies academic Bruce Isaacs.

Inclusion by design

As discussion continues around the efficacy of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, this talk unpacks how we can create accessible and inclusive spaces for all, and importantly, how we can design with equity and dignity in mind.

Fighting Truth Decay: navigating health in a post-truth world

Corporate interests and industry have a long history of influencing public perception of scientific research. It’s a frightening picture. This discussion equips us to combat this truth decay.

Hope on the horizon for Indigenous youth mental health

Research on Australia’s mental health and suicide rates, especially among Indigenous youth, paints a grim picture. Hear from the heroes who are giving us grounds for optimism and leading a positive future.

Eddie Woo’s Wonderful World of Maths

If anyone can make maths fun, it’s Eddie Woo! He shows how maths can inspire joy and inquisitive exploration at any age.

White Fragility

Why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism? Educator and best-selling author Dr Robin DiAngelo offers insights into how we can engage constructively with the idea of race.

Why satire is a new global saviour for news, seriously

Nigerian satirist and journalist Adeola Fayehun is setting the benchmark for using political satire for not just a good laugh, but also to shift the conversation and reshape democratic processes.

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