Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture

3 July 2019
Indigenous authors from Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia come together to explore the spaces which are informed by Indigenous identities and perspectives on architecture, design theory and practices.

The University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning (SADP) will host the conference (4-6 July) Our Voices: Indigeneity and Architecture. Contemporary architecture and design is currently largely informed by Western thought and practice, this conference aims to share and highlight greater Indigenous expertise.

In the lead up to NAIDOC Week, the conference explores themes presented in the forthcoming publication, Our Voices II: The De-colonial Project. Spurred by a lack of material offering an Indigenous lens on the field of architecture, the publication unveils the rich expertise found in Indigenous communities across all four countries.

The publication is the first of its kind, led by Indigenous people engaged in architecture, planning, urban design and allied disciplines from Australia, Aoteroa (New Zealand) and Turtle Island (Canada and the USA). The ambition of the work is to ensure Indigenous voices are accessible to academic institutions wishing to engage respectfully with the multiple Indigenous perspectives pertaining to our greater shared built and un-built environment.  

Led by Professor Kevin O’Brien, Professor of Creative Practice at SADP, the conference brings together speakers covering diverse topics such as the unravelling of colonisation, decolonising our urban environment and cultural engagement in urban development.

The key note address and public lecture will be presented by contemporary Indigenous Australian artist, Fiona Foley.

Indigenous artist Linda LaVallee, has curated a Cree fashion show intended to be an artistic interpretation of authentic Indigenous knowledges. Inspired by traditional stories and cultural protocols, the fashion show will showcase a blend of contemporary themes and traditional line-work. 

Event details

Dates: July 4-6, 2019
Venue: The School of Architecture, Design and Planning, The University of Sydney, Wilkinson Building, 148 City Rd, Darlington, NSW 2008
Registration: $300 for non-presenting attendees; Elders, students and presenters free

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