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India's leadership for good starts here

16 June 2020
$500,000 scholarships program for commencing students from India
The University of Sydney's scholarship program to discover India's future visionary leaders, is one of the most generous scholarship programs available to Indian students offered by an Australian university.

The Sydney Scholars India Scholarship program is one of the most generous scholarship programs available to Indian students offered by an Australian university. It’s worth $500,000 (INR 24,500,000) in total and is now accepting applications until 10 June, 2022.

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As part of the scholarship application process students are asked to share their one idea that will bring change to India.

The University of Sydney has been producing leaders for more than 160 years and with this prestigious scholarship scheme we are looking for the next leaders of India whose vision will shape its future.
Dr Michael Spence, Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Sydney

“India has produced leaders whose vision has changed the world. People such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Indira Nooyi have all made lasting impacts on society, business and engineering,” explains Dr Spence.

Undergraduate students Madhullikaa Singh from Mumbai, and Aryan Bhatia from Delhi, were the 2019 inaugural recipients of the two major scholarships offered under the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship program, valued at AU$200,000 (INR 10,000,000) each.

Madhullikaa Singh (Mumbai) - Bachelor of Arts and Advanced Studies

Madhulikaa's big idea is to challenge people into discussing things that are considered taboo in India, topics like mental health, sexual assault and harassment. She has been discussing these topics through her Instagram @talkthetaboo

Aryan Bhatia (Delhi) - Bachelor of Engineering Honours

Aryan's big idea is to create an app to link farmers with nearby storage facilities and markets. In India, 40 percent of crops are wasted because they do not reach storage facilities or the markets in time. Aryan's app will improve the livelihoods of Indian farmers, reduce poverty and food wastage.

Shaili Patel (Ahmedabad) - Master of Management

Shaili Patel Sydney Scholars India Scholarship recipient

Shaili's big idea is to empower not-for-profit organisations and voluntary groups. Shaili is passionate about making the world a better palce and would like to use her business management skills to help local communities in India.

About the scholarship

A total of 28 Sydney Scholars India Scholarship will be awarded annually, consisting of:

  • 3 x $40,000 per annum for any undergraduate degree of up to four years
  • 10 x $20,000 first-year scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • 15 x $10,000 first-year scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

The scholarships are open to applicants who are:

  • Indian citizens currently residing in India
  • Applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at the University of Sydney.

Applications close 10 June 2022 - Sydney Scholars India Scholarship

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