University of Sydney backs PM's Quantum boost

17 November 2021
University welcomes Quantum Commercialisation Hub plans
The University of Sydney welcomes today's announcement by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to establish a Quantum Commercialisation Hub as part of the Federal Government's Critical Technologies blueprint.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal at the University, Professor Mark Scott, said the $70 million over the next 10 years earmarked to support commercialisation of quantum technology will give the sector a welcome boost.

“Quantum computers promise to revolutionise our lives this century and thanks to more than two decades of Australian Research Council funding, Australia has been at the forefront of developing the fundamental science behind the advanced technology,” the Vice-Chancellor said.

“We are now at the crucial stage of transitioning from fundamental research to commercialisation and translation of quantum physics into real-world machines that could contribute huge shifts in pharmaceutical design, personalised medicine, cyber security, transport optimisation and hundreds of yet-to-be realised applications."

Just like the early pioneers of classical computers last century could not imagine the invention of the smart phone, artificial intelligence or the internet, our quantum pioneers are laying the basis for a complete paradigm shift in technological development.
Professor Mark Scott, Vice-Chancellor and Principal

“Quantum technology is a global industry built on international collaboration. It is vital that we continue to foster a culture of openness in developing the fundamental science that supports quantum technology. Where restrictions are considered for security reasons, we must be mindful of potential impacts that could harm our Australian quantum ecosystem. We look forward to working with the Government on this as we move forward.”

The University of Sydney is a global leader in quantum technology and its commercialisation.

For four years it has been home to the Sydney Microsoft Quantum laboratory led by Professor David Reilly. That industry partnership is the largest single investment in quantum technology in Australia and is part of Microsoft’s global program to develop breakthrough quantum technologies.

Professor Michael Biercuk is also a pioneer in the commercialisation of quantum technology, founding Australia’s first venture-capital-backed quantum tech company, Q-CTRL, in 2017. Q-CTRL has commercial partners across the world, from IBM and Rigetti to Fermilab, Imperial College London and the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The University also has a world-class team of quantum information theorists at the University of Sydney Nano Institute and School of Physics led by Professor Stephen Bartlett.

The University was instrumental in the foundation of the Sydney Quantum Academy, a NSW Government backed partnership of four universities to ensure the Sydney basin remains one of the world’s great centres for quantum technology.

With more than 20 leading quantum technology research teams across our city, Sydney and Australia are well placed to play a leading role in the development of the quantum century.