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17 May 2024

Sydney researchers secure over $13 million in NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies funding

Four University of Sydney medicine and health researchers have been awarded over $13 million under the NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies grant scheme.
15 May 2024

University signs MOUs with Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health and Institute of Development Studies

The University of Sydney has today signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Department of Health and Institute of Development Studies.
14 May 2024

154 million lives saved in 50 years: 5 charts on the global success of vaccines

The chance of living one more year is up to 44 percent more likely thanks to the past 50 years of vaccines, according to new research. But global drops in vaccine coverage pose a risk, writes Associate Professor Meru Sheel from the University of Sydney and Dr Alexandra Hogan from UNSW Sydney.
13 May 2024

How travel 'bucket lists' help cancer patients handle life and death

Dr Leah Williams Veazey, Dr Katherine Kenny and Professor Alex Broom from the Sydney Centre for Healthy Societies explore the significance and potential downfalls of bucket lists for cancer patients, and how dreams of adventure change in the face of illness.
09 May 2024

Heart Health Yarning Tool: new resource for shared decision-making

A new shared decision-making tool, designed to help health professionals discuss cardiovascular risk with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in a culturally safe and meaningful way, was launched in Canberra this week.
09 May 2024

Childhood maltreatment responsible for up to 40 percent of mental health conditions

A University of Sydney study has found the widespread impact of child abuse and neglect in Australia, with analysis showing they cause nearly half of common mental conditions. Researchers say childhood maltreatment should be treated as a public health priority.
08 May 2024

New study sheds light on optimising home care support for older people with health care needs

New research comparing two Australian Government-funded programs suggests we may already have some of the cost-saving answers to keeping older people living well in the community.
07 May 2024

Sydney researchers awarded $3M in industry fellowships

Project leads will collaborate with industry to address key opportunities for improvement across science, medicine, engineering and law.
07 May 2024

Breastfeeding should be recognised as a carbon offset: report

Breastfeeding could be a valuable carbon offset, helping wean us off our economic dependence on commercial milk formula, which causes excessive greenhouse gas emissions.
07 May 2024

Australian researchers make strides in understanding little-known 'cousin of MS'

A lot remains unknown about the autoimmune condition MOGAD, with consensus on diagnostic criteria only published last year. An Australian research collaboration is looking to change that.