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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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10 November 2022

Most detailed map of brain’s memory hub finds connectivity puzzle

The most detailed map ever made of the communication links between the hippocampus - the brain's memory control centre - and the rest of the brain has been created by Australian scientists. And it may change how we think about human memory.
08 November 2022

Study confirms that processed foods key to rising obesity 

The modern palate's preference for highly processed and refined foods over a protein-rich diet is a key contributor to the high obesity rates in the Western world. 

28 October 2022

National research centre to transform diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders

New national research centre will transform diagnosis and treatment, starting with research into perfectionism, genetics, trauma links, psilocybin and more. 

27 October 2022

Scientists warn of Earth's unequivocal climate emergency

Earth's vital signs have deteriorated to the point humanity is "unequivocally" facing a climate emergency, an international coalition of researchers warns in a report published today.

27 October 2022

Better reporting of harms needed in clinical trials

Researchers say there are important gaps in how harms are being reported in clinical trials. This impacts how scientists and the public weigh up the benefits and harms of treatments.
26 October 2022

First WHO 'watch list' of health-threatening fungi released

The WHO today published its first-ever list of fungal 'priority pathogens' - a catalogue of 19 fungi that represent the greatest threat to public health.
24 October 2022

Scientists manufacture 'living blood vessel'

Research led by the University of Sydney has developed a material that mimics the complex structure of naturally occurring blood vessels.
17 October 2022

Sydney experts elected to Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

Sydney experts in infectious diseases, pharmacology and paediatrics have been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.
13 October 2022

Prioritising protein during perimenopause may ward off weight gain

Minor adjustments to the balance of macronutrients in a woman's daily diet during the transition to menopause could lessen or even prevent weight gain and lean tissue loss, according to researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.
12 October 2022

Sydney researchers receive 31 Investigator grants

Creating a genetic map to prevent future pandemics, chronic disease support and heart attack prevention are some of the projects awarded funding in the 2022 NHMRC Investigator Grants.