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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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14 March 2023

Sydney researchers honoured by Australian Academy of Science

Researchers Professor Renae Ryan and Dr Rachel Wang have been honoured in the annual Australian Academy of Science honorific awards.
13 March 2023

Avian influenza viruses could spawn the next human pandemic

The next pandemic that cascades through the human population could be caused by a new influenza virus strain concocted in animals, against which humans will have little to no immunity. That's the conclusion of Australian and Chinese scientists who analysed close to five decades of animal influenza records.  

10 March 2023

Reducing trip hazards and decluttering can significantly reduce falls among older people at home

Eliminating hazards around the home, such as clutter, stairs without railings and poor lighting, can reduce the risk of falls for older people by around a quarter, according to a new Cochrane review.
09 March 2023

Moving on from COVID means facing its impact on mental health, say experts

A new review on the global mental health impact of the pandemic confirms feared increases in depression and anxiety, with leading experts saying little has been done to address what is set to become a mounting mental health crisis.
07 March 2023

Spinal cord stimulation doesn't help with back pain, says new review

People with chronic back pain may turn to spinal cord stimulation to ease their pain, but a University of Sydney led Cochrane Review found no sustained benefits to the surgery that outweigh the costs and risks.
02 March 2023

Poor sleep linked to years of poor cardiovascular health

Having trouble sleeping? A new study examines the link between poor sleep and cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy.
02 March 2023

Tony Weiss to chair Expert Panel of the $40m NSW Biosciences Fund

NSW Government will back startup companies with promising translational technology in biosciences.
01 March 2023

NSW Government backs University-led consortium on drug discovery

Professor Michael Kassiou from the Drug Discovery Initiative will lead a new institute using stem-cell derived organoids to accelerate disease treatment.
22 February 2023

Parents are unintentionally heating up prams: here's what you need to know

A University of Sydney study finds common strategies used to protect infants from the heat can warm up a pram by almost 4 degrees Celsius. The researchers recommend new strategies to keep infants cool as temperatures soar.
22 February 2023

How a TV series is making people pay attention to deadly fungal infections

The television series 'The Last of Us' describes a world after a fungal pandemic and it may be science fiction, but researchers have been warning about the threat of deadly fungal infections to public health for years, writes Associate Professor Justin Beardsley.