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26 June 2023

Guidelines to help clinicians on safer opioid deprescribing

Avoiding sudden deprescribing of opioid analgesics for people nearing the end of life, and tailoring pain management plans for patients are among recommendations in the first international guidelines on opioid deprescribing.
16 June 2023

What are the ethical and moral quandaries of synthetic human embryos?

Bioethicist Dr Kathryn MacKay from Sydney Health Ethics discusses what the creation of synthetic human embryos using stem cells means for science, and what ethical issues it presents.
14 June 2023

How reliable is the egg timer blood test?

Dr Tessa Copp from the Faculty of Medicine and Health unpacks the hype surrounding 'egg timer' tests, which claim to be able to predict both women's chances of conceiving and when menopause might occur for them.
13 June 2023

Experts recommend criteria to identify ethical pornography

A team of international experts led by the University of Sydney has identified six criteria that could be used to identify healthy and ethical pornography, with the aim of helping teachers and parents with consent education for young adults over 18.
08 June 2023

Preserve ocean health to preserve human health: a call for action

Researchers from universities and conservation groups across the globe have published new insights, based on evidence gathered from across the world, affirming that human health depends on thriving oceans.
06 June 2023

Can exercise help counteract genetic risk of disease?

Staying active could help keep the onset of type 2 diabetes at bay, even if someone has a genetic risk of developing the disease. Researchers say this highlights the importance of exercise in chronic disease prevention.
05 June 2023

Sydney invests in Australia's research future with innovative fellowship scheme

An unprecedented investment by the University will support up to 40 new continuing positions, empowering the world's most talented emerging researchers to undertake innovative research to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.
01 June 2023

Our brain shape influences how it works, landmark study finds

How brain activity resonates across and through its architecture could be more important than connections between neurons. The new research in Nature could mean studying the brain to understand its role in health is more straightforward.
30 May 2023

Facebook fitness and Insta-vitamins

A new study led by researchers from the University of Sydney has found young women's engagement with social media plays a major role in shaping how they think - and act - in relation to their health.
30 May 2023

AI drug discovery will power collaboration with Pharos Therapeutics

Partnership with Pharos will give the Drug Discovery Initiative access to the Pharos Chemiverse platform, with more than 230 million pieces of data to help identify promising compounds.