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15 December 2023

Sydney researchers awarded over $48 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants

Funding awarded in 2023's NHMRC Investigator Grants amounts to more than $48 million, a testament to the breadth of world-class research taking place at the University of Sydney.
14 December 2023

HeatWatch app to be trialled over summer as temperatures soar

With temperatures predicted to soar this summer a University of Sydney team and community partners are piloting HeatWatch, an app to help users calculate their personalised heat health risk.
12 December 2023

New medical imaging facility to revolutionise research and patient care

The Australian National Total Body PET Facility will drive advancements in cancer studies, neurological disorders, cardiovascular disease and drug development, and reduce scanning time and radiation doses to transform patient care.
11 December 2023

It's extremely hot, could I have heat stroke?

Hot weather can place great stress on our bodies. When the environmental conditions exceed the limit at which we can adequately cope, we can suffer from heat-related illnesses. Heat illnesses can vary, from relatively mild heat exhaustion to the potentially life-threatening condition of heat stroke, writes Professor Ollie Jay for The Conversation.
08 December 2023

How researchers designed Australia's first mobile cooling hub

Socially disadvantaged people are especially exposed to extreme heat. Dr Timothy English and co-authors explore a pilot project opening in Sydney will use the best available evidence to keep vulnerable people cool on the hottest of days.
07 December 2023

IHACPA partners with University of Sydney to boost health research and training

The Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority will collaborate with the University of Sydney to create new opportunities for research and the healthcare workforce.
07 December 2023

Student developing way for the blind to play ping pong using sound

A University of Sydney Engineering Honours student is developing technology to allow people with low vision and blindness to play ping pong using sound.
06 December 2023

Brain and Mind Centre wins Wellcome Mental Health Award

A multidisciplinary team led by the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney has been awarded a $5.4M trust grant to fund their research into youth-onset mood disorders called circadian depression.
04 December 2023

This chef landed his dream job, but it's not in a restaurant

Meet Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Marzio Lanzini, who manages Sydney's newest kitchen - not in a high-class restaurant, but at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.
01 December 2023

New perspective on limits of survival and liveability in extreme heat

Record-breaking heatwaves made headlines during 2023, raising questions about how humans will survive and function in a warming world. A new study suggests the outlook may be even worse than expected, challenging recommended thresholds for survivability in the heat.