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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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07 February 2023

Writing Fellowship addresses real world health challenges

Australian creative writers of renown are invited to apply for a generous University of Sydney Fellowship which provides a grant of $100,000 and other benefits to begin work on a project exploring issues around health.

02 February 2023

The cities we create lead to isolation and loneliness

Loneliness is more than just a personal problem. Drs Jennifer Kent, Emily Rugel and Marlee Bower explore how the places in which we live, work and play can be an important factor in fostering connections and building relationships.

02 February 2023

Antidepressants use for chronic pain on the rise, but are they effective?

A University of Sydney led review has found some antidepressants may be effective in treating certain chronic pain conditions, but others lack convincing evidence on their effectiveness.
23 January 2023

Parental support linked to teen internet addiction

Teenagers who feel well-supported by their parents are more likely to report increased internet addiction over time, in a surprise finding from a new University of Sydney Business School study.
13 January 2023

Scientists find way to heal scars left behind by heart attacks

Researchers have developed a method that could 'turn back the clock' on damaged heart tissue following heart attacks.
22 December 2022

Olives, cherries and cricket: the dental dangers of the silly season

While the festive season can be a time to relax, some holiday activities pose unanticipated risks to the health of your pearly whites. Here are some common dangers and what to do in an emergency.
22 December 2022

How to deal with close encounters with Christmas critters

As the warmer months arrive, they also bring increased activity from creatures that can bite and sting. Our experts share how to have a safe summer and avoid any close encounters as we spend more time in the great outdoors.
22 December 2022

Trial to explore the use of psychedelics for alcohol use disorder

Researchers at the University of Sydney are embarking on an Australian first research trial into the use of psychedelics in combination with psychotherapy for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.
21 December 2022

Should we move our loved one with dementia into a nursing home?

Almost 400,000 Australians are living with dementia and deciding whether to move a loved one into a nursing home is an incredibly difficult one. Professor Lee-Fay Low writes about what to keep in mind.
20 December 2022

Lack of funding for dental health research despite growing impact on Australians

An analysis of research funding has found oral health sciences to have the lowest and most inequitable level of support, when compared with other research fields on burden of disease.