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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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05 April 2022

Maree Teesson to chair national mental health expert panel

Director of the Matilda Centre, Professor Maree Teesson AC will chair an expert advisory panel that will guide Australia's future roadmap in mental health research.
05 April 2022

Robyn Ward to contribute to national healthcare research strategy

Under chairperson Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, Executive Dean & Pro Vice-Chancellor Medicine and Health Professor Robyn Ward will help guide Australia's future vision for health & medical research as part of an Advisory Committee announced by the Federal Government.
04 April 2022

Researchers find surprising twist behind rare neurological disorder

Researchers have unveiled the molecular backstory behind a rare neurological disorder, showing how a genetic mutation causes a malfunction in one of the most important molecular machines in our cells.
31 March 2022

Back pain treatments shouldn't neglect the mind: study

The best treatment for chronic low back pain doesn't just focus on the physical but rather combines traditional physiotherapy treatments with those that focus on the mind, according to new research from the University of Sydney.
31 March 2022

Sydney researchers honoured with NHMRC leadership awards

Two University of Sydney researchers have been recognised for their leadership in research at the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Excellence Awards at a presentation held in Canberra on 30 March.
30 March 2022

Sydney experts respond to 2022 Budget

University of Sydney academics in housing and planning, work and organisational studies, aged care and health respond to the Federal Budget that was delivered last night.

24 March 2022

University of Sydney and HammondCare announce partnership

The University of Sydney and leading aged, dementia and palliative care charity HammondCare today announced a formal partnership aimed at shaping the sector through collaboration on research, education and social impact.
24 March 2022

Can music slow the onset of neurodegenerative disease?

A new collaboration between the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music will be launched on 25 March. Together, with support of a generous gift, they are designing a musical intervention to help those at risk of cognitive decline.
23 March 2022

Floods expose social inequities, and potential mental health epidemic in its wake

University of Sydney experts say floods and disasters leave communities highly vulnerable to health problems, which include anxiety, PTSD and mosquito borne diseases, unless action is taken.
16 March 2022

Why people with disability and their carers fare worse after floods

Floods expose social inequities and exacerbate the housing crisis for people with disability and carers, here are six steps governments could take now to minimise this, writes Ms Jodie Bailie and co-authors.