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16 March 2022

Pandemic response led to a drop in Australian deaths in 2020

The public health measures taken in response to the pandemic resulted in fewer-than-expected Australian deaths overall in 2020, including death from COVID-19,  but more deaths from diabetes.

15 March 2022

Effective biopsy technique to identify cancer spread underused

An innovative diagnostic technique, sentinel lymph node biopsy, is now widely recommended in both melanoma and breast cancer to determine whether cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes.

15 March 2022

Masters players committed to the team, ignore heart health: study

Research from the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital provides insights into cardiac risk among footballers of 'masters' age (35 years and older). 

14 March 2022

Partnership encourages innovation in how universities and industry collaborate

Australian universities could be at the global forefront of research translation and commercialisation in health and medicine if barriers to collaboration are overcome and best practice models explored, according to a University of Sydney and AusBiotech report.
14 March 2022

Many Australian medical researchers not declaring conflicts of interest: Study

Many Australian medical researchers are not accurately disclosing payments from pharmaceutical companies, a study has revealed, and the results likely to underestimate the issue on a national and global scale.
11 March 2022

Matthew Kiernan first Australian to receive Sheila Essey Award

Brain and Mind Centre's co-director, Professor Matthew Kiernan, has been awarded for his seminal research in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research.

10 March 2022

Sotrovimab shown to cause COVID-19 treatment-resistant mutations

Australian researchers have uncovered resistance mutations to Sotrovimab - a monoclonal antibody treatment developed to minimise the risk of severe COVID-19 in patients who have underlying health conditions.

09 March 2022

Public health researcher wins NSW Women of the year Award

Professor Julie Redfern was celebrated at the NSW Women of the year Awards for her research in heart health and work inspiring early career researchers.
02 March 2022

Are medicines affecting our response to infections like COVID-19?

A wide-reaching global review has found that some of the most common pain and fever medicines might increase vulnerability to infections like COVID-19, while others may hold hope for improving our immune response.

25 February 2022

A Colombian-Australian with a border collie walks into a vet

A new generation of Australian veterinarians will be trained in diversity and inclusivity, thanks to a world-first cultural competence guide for the profession developed by University of Sydney experts.