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11 October 2023

For most people, insomnia is nothing like in the movies

Movies are prone to either minimise or exaggerate symptoms, write Aaron Schokman and Professor Nick Glozier for The Conversation. This has implications for the third of us who have symptoms.
10 October 2023

The Voice could advise on how to address natural disasters

Disaster events like bushfires are predicted to increase in both frequency and severity as the climate changes. The Voice to Parliament has the potential to be an effective way to adapt to this riskier future, write Professor Claire Hooker and Associate Professor Michelle Dickson.
09 October 2023

Confronting ageing: the talk Australia has to have

Australian society will be reshaped as its population ages. We need to have some confronting conversations about ageing and how society pays the inevitable cost, writes Professor Lee-Fay Low.
09 October 2023

GPs could improve access to ADHD treatment

While GPs should have an expanded role in the ongoing management of ADHD, it's important for specialists to diagnose and initiate treatment, writes Professor Adam Guastella from the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney and co-authors.
03 October 2023

Royal Society of NSW appoints three Sydney academics as Fellows

Three University of Sydney researchers across psychology, bioethics and physics have been appointed as Fellows of the Royal Society of NSW.
29 September 2023

Study pinpoints the length of incidental activity linked to health benefits

Choosing the stairs or speedily sweeping can lower the risk of heart disease, according to new research in The Lancet Public Health.
21 September 2023

Museum's teaching program wins international prize

The University of Sydney's Chau Chak Wing Museum has won the 2023 University Museums and Collections Prize for its object-based learning (OBL) program.
14 September 2023

World failing on Sustainable Development Goals

An independent group of scientists appointed by the United Nations' Secretary General, including from the University of Sydney, write in Nature that scientists and policymakers must urgently join forces to overcome obstacles to achieving sustainable development goals.
12 September 2023

Australians urged to seek out timely dementia diagnosis

Knowing the early signs of dementia and seeking out a timely diagnosis are vital to living well in the long term according to Australian researchers who today launch a public awareness campaign.
08 September 2023

How can after school care be more than a babysitting service?

There are nearly 5,000 outside school hours services in Australia, but about 14 percent of services fall short of the national quality standards. Designing activities with children and their communities can help improve this, writes Dr Alyssa Milton from the Brain and Mind Centre and co-authors.