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07 August 2023

New method an important step toward future 3D printing of human tissues

A team of bioengineers and biomedical scientists from the University of Sydney and the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) at Westmead have used 3D photolithographic printing to create a complex environment for assembling tissue that mimics the architecture of an organ.
07 August 2023

How a cat got people talking about rare neurological diseases

Adored orange cat Phineas, owned by two Sydney researchers, is igniting change and sparking global conversations about neurological disorders as a social media ambassador.
07 August 2023

New program shows after school hours care can boost children's social wellbeing

A pilot study shows how after-school-hours care can play an important role in building children's wellbeing and social connection. The program involves children in the design process and gives them a voice and role to shape their own experience.
28 July 2023

Short bursts of daily activity linked to reduced cancer risk

Promising new research suggests a total of just 4.5 minutes of vigorous activity that makes you huff and puff during daily tasks could reduce the risk of some cancers by up to 32 percent.
27 July 2023

How to improve CPR rates in Australian migrant communities

CPR can double someone's chances of surviving a cardiac arrest in the community, but new research published in the BMJ Open finds Australians born overseas lack the support and opportunity to learn. The researchers explore ways to improve CPR training rates.