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03 May 2023

How close are we to reading minds?

A US study has decoded language and meaning from brain scans. Christina Maher from the School of Biomedical Engineering unpacks how the process works.
03 May 2023

How can heart healthcare be 'greener'?

A new review has shown how medical professionals in cardiology can help reduce healthcare's carbon footprint, by making small, low-cost changes in how they work.
02 May 2023

Vaping and behaviour in schools: what does the research tell us?

The government today proposed a suite of reforms aimed at reducing vaping. But what does the evidence show about the prevalence of vaping in schools and the kind of behavioural issues associated with it?
26 April 2023

Nano-architectured materials that respond to light in real time

Biological systems respond to external stimuli such as light, heat, magnetism. Scientists are looking to develop new materials that mimic these abilities for myriad uses in nanoscience, engineering and medicine.
12 April 2023

Scientists build human lungs in a dish to test medicines

Scientists have developed a step-by-step blueprint to create advanced human lung models in the lab, which they say will accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs and reduce reliance on animal testing.
05 April 2023

Nearly two-thirds of adolescent long stays in NSW hospitals for mental health

Professor Adam Guastella says tailored models of care and improved community treatment for high-risk groups and in regional areas could help reduce extended length of stay.
04 April 2023

Three ways to help build family support for young trans people

A strong family network is important for protecting young trans people, but their families need help too, says Senior Research Associate Cristyn Davies.
03 April 2023

GPs more likely to undercharge than overcharge Medicare

Analysis has found GPs were significantly more likely to undercharge than overcharge Medicare for their services, with an estimated $351 million in savings in 2021-22.
28 March 2023

TGA review strengthens case for much tighter vape restrictions at the border

Associate Professor Becky Freeman from the Faculty of Medicine and Health and the Charles Perkins Centre and Senior Advisor Paul Grogan from The Daffodil Centre explain how the TGA's advice will help combat the rise of vaping.

24 March 2023

Earlier disclosure of COVID-19 origins could have saved us three years of political quarrelling

Professor Dominic Dwyer from the Faculty of Medicine and Health discusses the delayed release of the data on COVID-19's origins, which sights the possibility of raccoon dogs at the Wuhan markets.