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25 July 2023

Sydney facility to raise the bar in medical teaching and learning

New resource at the Westmead Innovation Centre is to be a game-changer in the way the we teach and learn in Western Sydney.
17 July 2023

How can health research be more ethical for young trans people?

For research to be effective at reducing inequality for young trans people and their families, it must be robust and ethical, writes Cristyn Davies for The Conversation.
15 July 2023

Fish-free omega-3 supplement created from bacteria

A new generation omega-3 supplement has been commercialised by a research affiliate in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Sydney Knowledge Hub to address the increasing demand for omega-3s amid diminishing supply from fish stocks.
13 July 2023

Unemployment and underemployment significant drivers of suicide: analysis

Analysis led by University of Sydney researchers has revealed causal effects of unemployment and underemployment on suicide rates in Australia, with an estimated 10 percent of reported suicides over a 13-year period resulting from labour underutilisation.
11 July 2023

Digital skin check service wins Sydney Genesis startup competition

A dermatologist who has developed technology to tackle melanoma has won $25,000 towards his venture in the University of Sydney Business School's flagship startup accelerator.
05 July 2023

It's time to bust the 'calories in, calories out' weight-loss myth

A simple formula for weight-loss sounds appealing, but Dr Nick Fuller explains for The Conversation why the reality of dieting is more complicated than simply burning more calories than we consume.
04 July 2023

Is it time for a Medicare-style 'Denticare' scheme?

Private dental care is increasingly unaffordable, and millions of Australians go without the treatment they need. Affordable and available dental care is crucial to addressing inequality in Australia.
30 June 2023

Device that can remotely monitor your breathing: as tested on cane toads

A new photonic radar system has been developed by scientists at Sydney Nano and the School of Physics that delivers contactless, high-definition detection of vital signs. It could be developed for use in ICUs, aged-care facilities and for people with sleep apnoea or infants with breathing concerns.
26 June 2023

Conflict of interest policies at Australian Medical Schools too weak, finds review

Current conflict of interest policies at Australian universities are not strong enough to protect medical students from commercial influence, a study has revealed.
26 June 2023

Guidelines to help clinicians on safer opioid deprescribing

Avoiding sudden deprescribing of opioid analgesics for people nearing the end of life, and tailoring pain management plans for patients are among recommendations in the first international guidelines on opioid deprescribing.