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30 May 2023

Facebook fitness and Insta-vitamins

A new study led by researchers from the University of Sydney has found young women's engagement with social media plays a major role in shaping how they think - and act - in relation to their health.
30 May 2023

AI drug discovery will power collaboration with Pharos Therapeutics

Partnership with Pharos will give the Drug Discovery Initiative access to the Pharos Chemiverse platform, with more than 230 million pieces of data to help identify promising compounds.
23 May 2023

How can we support kids getting Autism or ADHD assessments better?

Around half of young children who attended their first neurodevelopmental assessment showed signs of mental distress. Professor Adam Guastella, Dr Kelsie Boulton and Asssociate Professor Natalie Silove explore what we need to do to ensure mental health needs are addressed early.
23 May 2023

In 2050, over 800 million people globally estimated to be living with back pain

Study estimates there will be over 800 million cases of low back pain in 2050, a 36 percent increase from 2020. With an ageing population, researchers say we must 'put the brakes' on low back pain cases before the burden becomes too great for our healthcare system.
17 May 2023

Sydney launches GP Clinical School to elevate the profession and research

The University today launched a new clinical school to enhance general practice as a preferred career choice among medical students, grow opportunities for GP-related research and champion multidisciplinary care in the community.
16 May 2023

It's cold and flu season - so what's wrong with cough syrup?

Parents might want to rethink how they help their kids through cold and flu season, with some remedies posing a risk a to young children, write Dr Rose Cairns and Associate Professor Nial Wheate for The Conversation
12 May 2023

Hep C can be cured but many people are still not being treated

A new project led by the University of Sydney hopes to work out how to eliminate hepatitis C from Australia by encouraging people to take up new, highly curative treatments.
05 May 2023

GPs managing more skin-cancer cases, as cost of treatment climbs

Patients, especially men, living in regional and rural areas are increasingly presenting to GPs for skin cancer and related conditions, according to a national survey conducted by the Daffodil Centre.
03 May 2023

Can vaping help people quit smoking? It's unlikely

Many who vape saying they are trying to quit or to cut down on cigarettes, but how effective are vapes in quitting or helping smokers cut back? Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman goes through the evidence.
03 May 2023

How close are we to reading minds?

A US study has decoded language and meaning from brain scans. Christina Maher from the School of Biomedical Engineering unpacks how the process works.