09 October 2018

4 reasons agriculture needs to phase out reliance on glyphosate

Health concerns aside, relying on a single chemical to control weeds is poor long-term agriculture policy. Director of the Sydney Institute for Agriculture, Alex McBratney, says it's time to look beyond glyphosate.
09 October 2018

Time to focus on masculinity in mental-health training

Research by Zac Seidler shows the need to tailor training programs for men's mental health needs. He says men will seek help more readily when practitioners and services engage with social determinants of mental health.
08 October 2018

Earth sciences conference run by students for students

School of Geosciences is hosting the Geological Society of Australia Earth Sciences Student Symposium for New South Wales. This conference will showcase research from both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
04 October 2018

Finally, another woman awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel committee has recognised Canadian physicist Donna Strickland with the highest honour in the physical sciences. Professor Celine Boehm, thinks this represents the beginning of much needed change that is long overdue.
03 October 2018

Sydney women talk gender equity

Female staff, students and alumni recently gathered to participate in an open discussion on the state of play for women in the workplace. Together they uncovered some hard truths but remained optimistic about the future.
02 October 2018

‘Come by’ the working dog survey page

Effective working dogs improve farm productivity and significantly reduce stress on farm managers and livestock so it’s unsurprising they are known to replace human labour in livestock enterprises.
28 September 2018

How we made nutrition our business

With a passion for all things food and science, Anna and Alex pursued postgraduate study to build a career in both. Now accredited practising dietitians, they share the journey that led them to run their own nutritional myth-busting business.
28 September 2018

Agriculture students make clean sweep at Crops Competition

Competitors from across Australia and the US have taken their lecture knowledge into the field in a hands-on test of their skills in agronomy, live crop-yield potential, and plant and disease identification.
27 September 2018

Six scholars recognised for social sciences leadership

Six University of Sydney social scientists have been elected to the prestigious Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia for their distinguished contributions to their disciplines and to society.
27 September 2018

Oyster research aims to clean the water of Sydney Harbour

The shells of Sydney's oysters once helped to build the city. Two centuries on, researchers look at using oysters to help clean up urban estuaries all over the world.
26 September 2018

Automated vehicles may encourage a new breed of distracted drivers

Few people pay close attention to the traffic situation unfolding around them when they’re travelling as a passenger in a car. And that could make partially automated vehicles, which are operating on our roads right now, problematic.
26 September 2018

Photonic chips harness sound waves to speed up local networks

Acoustic noise in chips used to be a nuisance. Now scientists at the University of Sydney Nano Institute have developed a technique to put it to use in receivers of information in fibre-optic networks.
25 September 2018

Old and modern architecture the focus of building conservation

In a time of dramatic change, conserving precious architecture, objects and places becomes even more important. But alumna, Susan Macdonald, knows it takes more than good intentions - it takes detective work and new thinking.
25 September 2018

Sisters do it for themselves

Termite colonies have been found to thrive and reproduce without males, new research from the University of Sydney reveals.
21 September 2018

Transforming devastated landscapes with permaculture

The humanitarian crises that most of us only read about are often witnessed firsthand by alumna Rosemary Morrow, as she travels the world to help refugees and displaced people grow food.