20 September 2018

Cane toad genome sequenced for the first time

Emeritus Professor Rick Shine says deeper understanding of this introduced species will help develop improved methods for managing its impact on Australia's fauna and environment.
19 September 2018

When politics corrupts the fairness of elections

Arranging election district boundaries can be made to favour a particular party, creating a problem for democracy. Working for the Campaign Legal Centre, alumna Ruth Greenwood is on the front line, fighting for fairness.
13 September 2018

Freewheeling bush adventures in a wheelchair

Her studies were almost over and alumna, Helen Smith, had plans. Then a single event meant she had to reach her goals via a very different path. Now she's pushing against the barriers.
12 September 2018

Microscope that gets to the heart of matter

The transmission electron microscope (TEM) can explore matter at the scale of less than 0.06 billionths of a metre helping researchers design materials in renewable energy, medical science, engineering and geosciences.
10 September 2018

New Drug Discovery Initiative focused on innovative therapies

University of Sydney's strategic investment brings a coordinated approach to drug discovery.
10 September 2018

Viruses & infectious diseases: Prof Edward Holmes public lecture

This talk on 12 September by Prof Edward Holmes, who has published a number of Nature papers on viruses, will discuss what we have learned since the 1918 influenza pandemic and 40 years since the last death from smallpox.
06 September 2018

Adventures in the virosphere

Viruses are everywhere – you are surrounded by them, yet we know remarkably little about them. Take an adventure into the virosphere with the Sydney Science Forum on Wednesday 12 September.
05 September 2018

Cannabis As Medicine Survey CAMS:18 launches

The University of Sydney is launching CAMS:18 - an online survey for people who have used medicinal cannabis in the past 12 months. This survey will provide an 'after' snapshot since legislative changes in 2016.
04 September 2018

7 steps to success and what's holding women back: study

From the 'maternal wall' to the 'boys' club' and beyond the glass ceiling, a group of geoscientists has taken the microscope to their backyard. The results are revealing.
04 September 2018

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer wins RK Murphy Medal

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer, from the School of Chemistry, has won the 2018 RK Murphy Medal from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI).
04 September 2018

Does the sea level or the sun drive volcanic seafloor topography?

Computer modelling shows climate- and sea-level cycles are not responsible for the 'hills' and 'valleys' at the bottom of the sea - a hypothesis that would have mapped a path to uncovering Earth's climate history.
31 August 2018

How Brazil can beat the odds and restore a huge swathe of the Amazon

PhD Candidate Danilo Ignacio de Urzedo and Senior Lecturer Dr Robert Fisher discuss whether conservation goals be delivered alongside economic, human, and social interests.
29 August 2018

Eureka Prizes: Sydney scoops the pool for science leadership

The University of Sydney celebrates our world-class academics who have taken four awards at the annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes in a ceremony at Sydney Town Hall.
28 August 2018

Sydney scientists solve 30-year wheat rust puzzle

An international group of scientists co-led by the University of Sydney has isolated the first major resistance genes against stripe rust, which threatens to devastate whole crops of the staple food
23 August 2018

Dogs at Sydney: meet our campus companions

For National Dog Day, read about the potential benefits of canine work friends and meet the dogs keeping staff and students company around the University of Sydney.