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Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct

Education and research in functional wellbeing

The Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct is one of Australia’s leading education and research centres, known for enhancing patients' quality of life across all health conditions.

Our Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct is focussed on new ways of collaborating with our health and industry partners to deliver education, research, and innovation to positively impact healthcare outcomes, policy, and global reach.​

The precinct model is aligned with the Greater Sydney Commission’s strategic objective to become an internationally competitive health, education, research and innovation precinct and acknowledges the University of Sydney as being a key partner in Precinct development. 

Our impact in motion

The Kolling Institute is the vehicle we have committed to for pursuing our translational research priorities as we work together within the Northern Sydney Local Health District. 

With The Kolling Institute located alongside Royal North Shore Hospital, students and researchers are embedded within a large health system, promoting greater collaboration. 

Our researchers are dedicated to promoting wellness, high quality healthcare and decreased risk factors in common conditions with the goal of improving the health of the communities we serve.

Our research centres

Study at the Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct

We provide on-site experience in the health workforce to students who are conducting study, research or clinical placements.

We support students in our Doctor of Medicine program at the Northern Clinical School as well as practitioners completing postgraduate specialist training. We also assist in the training of nurses, pharmacists and allied health practitioners, in hospital and community settings.

Many of our programs are taught at our teaching hospitals within the local health district, including:

We offer research degrees across our seven key disciplines, including general practice, medicine, obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology, physiology, psychiatry and surgery.

For more information on higher degree research opportunities visit the Northern Clinical School.

News at the Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct