31 March 2020

Global alliance commits to welfare of "bewildered and anxious" students

The Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education, Professor Greg Whitwell, says the international network of business schools will do its best to safeguard students and help them to graduate in what he describes as "dark times".
30 March 2020

How to survive the pandemic with your kids at home

Professor Mark Dadds, director of the Sydney Child Behaviour Research Clinic, has some tips for staying sane and getting along during the extended lock down.
30 March 2020

Lest we forget: Anzacs and the aftermath of war

While war commemorations often focus on the fallen, Professor Stephen Garton wants us to pay equal attention to veterans - an often overlooked, vulnerable population.
30 March 2020

World-first tool to improve COVID-19 diagnosis, free & online

Award-winning Sydney start-up DetectED-X has directed its breast cancer diagnosis tool at the coronavirus, drawing on pandemic cases globally with support from healthcare and industry leaders to ramp up COVID-19 detection.
27 March 2020

The hidden cost of COVID-19 to the 2020 Year 12 cohort

In this opinion piece, Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley, believes the current pandemic will add to the vulnerability of Year 12 students.
27 March 2020

How to stay fit and active at home during self-isolation

It's easy to get some exercise in your daily routine if you are working from home or are in self-isolation, writes Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis and Associate Professor Kate Edwards.
27 March 2020

COVID-19: the genetic quest to understand the virus

Professor Edward Holmes is at the forefront of the scientific race to understand SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans. This week he has contributed to two important papers, one in Nature, the other in Cell.
26 March 2020

Why suspending housing evictions will defend against COVID-19

University of Sydney researchers believe the COVID-19 pandemic is a double crisis affecting public health and the economy with both aspects playing out in our housing system.
25 March 2020

Coronavirus: how to access the medicines you and your family need

Pharmacies provide essential services and will remain open but some people will still have problems accessing medicines. Here's what you can do, writes Associate Professor Nial Wheate and Dr Andrew Bartlett.
25 March 2020

Greater social distancing could curb COVID-19 in 13 weeks

A University of Sydney data study from the Faculty of Engineering has revealed that social distancing must be adopted by at least 80 percent of the Australian population to reduce the spread of COVID-19.