16 March 2020

Renowned neurodegeneration expert receives top accolade

Academic shaping the treatment of non-Alzheimer's dementias and Parkinson's disease receives prestigious award.
16 March 2020

Private schools don't save taxpayers' dollars

Education researchers from three Australian universities have crunched government numbers, and countered an oft-held belief in the process.
15 March 2020

Confirmed case of COVID-19

Six locations on the University of Sydney campus are being intensively cleaned today (Sunday 15 March) after a student was diagnosed with COVID-19 on the weekend.
13 March 2020

University of Sydney update regarding COVID-19

Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence today sought advice from NSW's Chief Medical Officer to confirm whether any extra measures were needed to better protect the health of staff and students, and the broader community.
13 March 2020

The Cone of Shame makes pets miserable

Global survey of pet owners reveals the Elizabeth collar or Cone of Shame impacts negatively on their pets. Researchers recommend vets find alternatives where possible.
12 March 2020

Saving a language through song

Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Sydney Environment Institute Fellow, Dr Genevieve Campbell, has been researching Tiwi song language. Focusing on documenting endangered song sets and the creation of new works, this research is essential for the preservation of the language.
12 March 2020

Novel error-correction scheme developed for quantum computers

Experimental quantum computers are plagued with errors. Here Dr Arne Grimsmo from the School of Physics and colleagues from RMIT and the University of Queensland offer a new way to reduce errors across different types of quantum hardware.
11 March 2020

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: how much is safe to drink during pregnancy?

Recent studies show that up to 60 percent of Australian women have consumed alcohol to some degree during pregnancy. Elizabeth Elliott knows only too well the dangers of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and her advice is clear: party over.

11 March 2020

The biotechnology transforming crops for Australian farmers

By the time a farmer sees a disease outbreak in their crops, devastating financial and environmental consequences might already be unavoidable. If only it was possible to detect a plant pathogen before real damage was done. Well, now it is.

11 March 2020

How intermittent fasting changes liver enzymes and helps prevent disease

Scientists hope to unlock the mechanisms by which intermittent fasting improves health outcomes to support treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.