10 March 2020

Start your engines! Formula 1's engineering influence

This weekend the Formula 1 will celebrate 25 years of racing in Australia. Sydney Motorsport supervisor and motor research engineer Dr Andrei Lozzi explains the history, engineering and influence of race cars.
10 March 2020

Is your coffee contributing to malaria risk?

Global demand for products such as coffee, tobacco, cocoa, timber and cotton is depleting the rainforests and creating conditions where mosquitoes thrive.
10 March 2020

School of Architecture, Design & Planning announces inaugural Rothwell Chair

A major gift from alumni Garry and Susan Rothwell established the Garry and Susan Rothwell Chair in Architectural Design Leadership. French architecture studio Lacaton & Vassal Architectes will share the inaugural, three-year Rothwell Chair appointment.
10 March 2020

New type of pulsating star discovered

A star that pulses on just one side has been predicted in theory. But it took two simultaneous discoveries on opposite sides of our planet to uncover the first such example of a 'one-sided pulsator'.
06 March 2020

Prominent female professors share their advice on leadership

What makes a good leader? Eight University of Sydney's leaders, who also happen to be women, share the view from the top - and the advice they'd offer aspiring female leaders.
06 March 2020

Transforming post-hospital care for people with heart disease

Despite advances in preventing death from Australia's biggest killer, our approach to after-hospital care has largely not changed for 50 years; a multidisciplinary grant awarded to Sydney is set to change this.

06 March 2020

Why we need to undo gender stereotypes for the future of work

When Professor Judy Wajcman was visiting the U.S. in 2018 to research Silicon Valley culture, this was one of the first questions she was asked.
06 March 2020

Facts about student relocations

The University of Sydney is planning for several scenarios in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the safe and appropriate housing of all our students living in our University-owned accommodation.
05 March 2020

World's smelliest fruit could charge your mobile phone

A University of Sydney researcher has developed a new method using the world's most repulsive smelling fruit. Turning durian waste into super-capacitors could "substantially reduce" the cost of energy storage and charge devices very quickly.
04 March 2020

Evolution and spine shape may predispose you to back problems

The reason many humans experience pain in their lower back can be found in our evolutionary past, according to new research from a team of bioarchaeologists at the University of Sydney, Simon Fraser University and the University of Liverpool.