29 May 2020

COVID-19 moved teaching online, but students & staff continue to thrive

Despite the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak, domestic and international students at the Business School are continuing to help social enterprises solve real-world business problems - some even across different time zones.
28 May 2020

Rural life not as active as you think: new study

Rural Australians need support to 'get moving', according to researchers from the University of Sydney who have published a review finding those in rural areas are just as physically inactive as their city counterparts.
27 May 2020

2020 versus 1919: is COVID-19 as bad as the ‘Spanish’ flu?

Dr Peter Hobbins, a leading expert on the history of the 'Spanish' flu in Australia, reckons with pandemics past and present - including their silver linings.
27 May 2020

Repatriating unexpected treasures in Arnhem Land

To mark National Reconciliation Week, we explore the unusual, fascinating career of University of Sydney archaeologist Professor Annie Clarke.
26 May 2020

Scientists synthesise tick spit protein for first time

Using the properties of naturally occurring proteins offers huge potential for new medicines. Charlotte Franck in Professor Richard Payne's lab has for the first time made the anti-inflammatory evasin proteins found in tick saliva.
26 May 2020

A new law in laser physics could make eye surgery simpler

By revisiting a simple type of laser, scientists have discovered a way to exponentially increase the amount of energy released in incredibly short periods of time, with potential applications in surgery.
25 May 2020

Two new Australian Academy of Science Fellows

Professor Kate Jolliffe and Professor Tim Bedding, both from the Faculty of Science, have been elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.
25 May 2020

Innovative medical program to commence in Dubbo in 2022

The commencement date for the University of Sydney's postgraduate Doctor of Medicine in Dubbo has been reset to 2022 to support an enhanced MD program and completion of state-of-the-art facilities on our rural health campus.
25 May 2020

How universities came to rely on international students

International student fees have become part of the unofficial funding policy of consecutive federal governments, writes Associate Professor Julia Horne for The Conversation.
25 May 2020

Chau Chak Wing Museum appointments connect objects with students

Two new curators specialising in using museum collections to teach students have been appointed to the Chau Chak Wing Museum.