11 May 2020

$4m digital health platform to provide real-time data, COVID focus

The University of Sydney is lending its research and clinical practice expertise  to a new digital health platform launched today to provide real-time information.

11 May 2020

Professor Holmes "driven by the pursuit of scientific truth"

Following a report in the Daily Telegraph, the University of Sydney has defended global collaboration on research and the work of renowned scientist Professor Edward Holmes.
10 May 2020

Survey finds majority of Australians concerned about hygiene on public transport

Preliminary findings of a University of Sydney survey on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on Australians' travel activities suggest over 80 percent of respondents are concerned about hygiene on public transport.
08 May 2020

From Sydney to Columbia: graduate awarded prestigious Fulbright scholarship

Gemma Tierney's journey to Columbia University started during high school, when she set her sights on studying physiotherapy. Now, she's headed to the US to further a career in healthcare, with a focus on Indigenous health.
08 May 2020

Virgin birth has scientists buzzing

Reversions to asexual reproduction are rare in nature. Asexual birth, in the Cape honey bee, may be the first time that the genetic basis of such a phenomenon has been discovered.
07 May 2020

Life after lockdown: Policy for the next phase of COVID-19

Ahead of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's coronavirus announcement tomorrow, academic experts offer advice on a post-virus policy framework.
07 May 2020

Light, sound, action: extending the life of acoustic waves on microchips

Microchips without electrons will allow for the invention of data processing systems that don't overheat, have low energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This foundational work will help scientists invent systems to achieve those aims.
07 May 2020

New medical foundation invests in COVID-19 research funding

Snow Medical has announced a $5.5m gift to the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne to plug coronavirus research gaps and fast-track economic recovery.

06 May 2020

Do we all have access to essential medicines?

Members of the public can help our scientists discover the pricing and availability of drugs on the World Health Organization's list of essential medicines.
06 May 2020

How to eat like the animals for good health

From jungle to laboratory and back to our own kitchens, David Raubenheimer and Stephen Simpson's new book explores how and why we eat, how appetites are fed and regulated - and how, in the end, it all comes back to five appetites.