09 December 2021

Two-year follow up shows delaying umbilical cord clamping saves babies' lives

An Australian-led study finds that aiming to wait just 60 seconds to clamp the umbilical cord of very premature babies at birth continues to have benefits two years on - decreasing the child's risk of death or major disability.
09 December 2021

NSW Premier's Awards for our cancer researchers

Our cancer researchers were acknowledged for their excellence at the 2021 NSW Premier's Awards.
08 December 2021

Nanosensing to solar fuels: Sydney Nano unveils new Grand Challenges

Four new visionary projects span sustainability, biosecurity, solar energy and health, drawing talent from across the University's faculties.
08 December 2021

Prof Tony Weiss elected to the US National Academy of Inventors

Professor Tony Weiss becomes the first academic from the University of Sydney to be elected as a Fellow of the US National Academy of Inventors.
07 December 2021

Are we approaching peak meat consumption?

Dr Diana Bogueva and colleagues from Curtin University explain whether meat consumption increases as income increases, revealing the countries that may have already reached 'peak meat'.
07 December 2021

Recipients of our 2022 SOAR prizes

Twenty-two of our academics have received a 2022 SOAR Prize.
06 December 2021

Spoiled oranges shine light on malignant cells

A University of Sydney PhD researcher is developing a cancer and serious disease-detecting biomedical probe that can be made from the juice of rancid oranges.
06 December 2021

Sydney's "factory of the future" ready to drive statewide innovation

A $25 million facility has today been launched to drive innovation and foster industrial output in the heart of Sydney's Tech Central.
04 December 2021

Statement regarding health equipment tender process

Today the University of Sydney issued a statement regarding a tender process for health equipment.

03 December 2021

5 feel good benefits of volunteering

To celebrate International Volunteer Day, we spoke to University experts in happiness, psychology and pharmacology to find out some surprising benefits of volunteering on mental health.